Jermaine Dias

Jermaine Dias

Jermaine Dias

Jermaine Dias (DE/OLB, 6'2"-225lbs) is one of the best players in the country. He is an impact player that has the ability to play either DE or OLB at the collegiate level. As a result, he is one of the most highly recruited players in the nation with over 25 scholarship offers. Some of the schools that have offered Dias are Rutgers, Colorado, Miami, Boston College, North Carolina, South Carolina, Syracuse, Maryland, Michigan, and Michigan State.

Who are his top schools?

Rutgers - He likes the fact that it is close to home and a chance to turn around his home state program. In addition, he likes Coach Schiano.

Virginia - He is very impressed with Coach Groh. During an unofficial visit to Virginia in the spring, he was impressed with Groh's evaluation of his strengths and weaknesses along with the beauty of the campus and the reputation of the school. He feels that he has an opportunity to start. He also likes the fact that it is far away from home but not too far.

Boston College - They were the first school to offer him and have been recruiting him the longest. He likes the school, the atmosphere around the city of Boston, and the coaching staff

Maryland - They are a new entry into his favorites list. He has visited the school three times. During his third visit, he developed an attraction to the school. He also likes the attacking style of defense that the Terrapins employ.

North Carolina - He feels that it has a beautiful campus. He likes the fact that they will be having an opening at OLB and their winning tradition.

What does he think of Rutgers?

He is really looking at who else is interested in attending Rutgers and the commitments, especially those players he knows. As a result, the commitment of Rashawn Ricks (LB, 6'3"- 235lbs) drew his attention. Some other players that he identifies with are Greg Olsen, Dorian Bryant, and Sam Johnson. He feels that it would be a good idea to have another meeting of the state's best players.

He is looking for some improved play. He looks for a record better than last year with more competitive games and the elimination of the lopsided losses.

During the Rutgers pre-season camp, he plans to visit the school a number of times to view the new freshmen and the overall style of play.

What is he looking for in a program?

- A program that has a good game atmosphere.
- A winning program that provides an opportunity to play on television
- A program where he and others view it as something special to be a part of.


To get a feeling for the schools recruiting him, he visited Michigan and Michigan State during the summer. He felt the both schools were not the type of school that he is looking for.


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