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Mike Fladell

Why did you choose to attend the Rutgers camp?

I got a note from Paul Ferraro to come down for a day. I liked it a lot.

How did the offer to you come about?

 I was at the Rutgers camp and playing against Richard Kittrell and he was looping to the outside but cut to the inside. I was able to stop him from getting by me. He wasn't able to get past me once all day. Afterwards, Coach Schiano told me that that was the play that really opened his eyes as to what I could do. Rutgers called my coach the next day and an offer came a couple of days later.

Why did you accept at this time?

 I felt like I was on the top of their list and since Rutgers offered me early that they had more interest in me.  Both Michigan State and Syracuse told me that they would probably offer if they liked my first two games. But I felt that Rutgers would treat me better since they wanted me more.

What were the other factors in your decision to attend RU?

It was the coaching staff. It felt like family. I felt like I could deal with these guys for the next five years or so.

Do you expect to play next year?

I know I am going to redshirt.

You were New York City Champion in the indoor shotput, outdoor shotput and discus, how does that help you as an offensive lineman?

It really helps with the footwork and the explosion. It also  really helps to keep me in shape also since I do the sprinter's workout to get in shape for those sports.

What is your strength, are you are run blocker or a pass blocker?

I am better with pass blocking. I also do long snaps as well.

What's your exact height?

I am about six seven and a half and still growing.

What do you plan to study at RU?

I will be a business major at Rutgers. My cousin graduated from Rutgers two years ago and she loved the school.


Notes: The Richard Kittrell that Mike talks of is the talented DE/DT out of Connecticut, who is one of the most sought after players in New England. Kittrell didn't get past Mike on a single play.

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