Fan Reports from football camp

Fan Reports from Camp

Some fans took in the first day of camp. Here are the early reports.

From RTW

I'll start with the WR. Tucker is for real. Aaron Martin should worry. Issman duly noted this in the A.M. report, but, as they were going thru drills in the afternoon, I watched him intently. He is one smooth WR. In the group were Robinson, Haliburton, Barnes and Tucker. Robinson struggled as did Haliburton, but now that I see that you reported that Haliburton was grabbing his hammy this AM, that explains him. I see Robinson as a trackman trying to be a FB player, lot of mistakes, lot to learn. I was surprised with Barnes. This kid is quick and seems to catch on fast. He made some nice catches in the afternoon. He was the second best receiver after Tucker. Tucker has to play, should start. He's a better receiver than Moses. Agree with the guys on Harris, just needs more weight, has good hands. On Nugent, well, I was surprised to find him on "O". He does remind one of OJ with his running style. Facsyon is very quick. Leonard looked solid, especially coming out of the backfield in pass patterns, made one heckuva acrobatic catch in the afternoon session. BTW, Edley didn't look all that bad either. QB's, let's see, Cali. nuff said. What can ya say, the kid is good. I say RS Hart. Bynes does look like a DB. Cortese had problems putting them between the posts and over it. Sound familiar, oh well, it's early. Radigan, call him Boomer, man can he kick. Issy mentioned Glass, but he did get downfield as big as he is. Couldn't see the linemen well, they were practicing at the other end.

From KDG

-the team speed was very noticeable amongst the recruits

-Corey Barnes - great speed and nice hands

-Shawn Tucker - soft hands

-Markis Facyson -great speed and moves

-Leslie Collins - (defensive back) appears to have some real speed (Is he a walk on or scholarship)

-Brian Leonard - big and fast

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