Cory Boyd - One of NJ Best players

Cory Boyd Cory Boyd

Cory Boyd (RB/DB, 5'11"-190lbs) is one of New Jersey's top players. On the collegiate level, he can play either DB or RB. Although most of the schools are recruiting him as a DB. Boyd does not mind where he plays as long as he has an opportunity to hit some one.

Who are his top 5 schools?

Rutgers - he refers to them as a home away from home due to the fact of how comfortable he is with the campus, coaching staff, and the players. He feels so comfortable that it is like he is already on the team. The coaches convey their message in a clear and easy to understand format which is up front and straightforward without misrepresenting themselves. Rutgers is also showing the most interest.

Virginia - He likes the campus, the facilities, coaching staff, and academic reputation. He refers to the coaches as very intense and focused upon success.

North Carolina - He has not been to the campus but has visited the web sites relating to the school. From what he has viewed, he likes what he has seen. They are also providing him with a lot of good information, which has really peaked his interest. He speaks to Rikki Cook, who informs him that the coaching staff at UNC is really high on him.

North Carolina State - He likes how hard they are recruiting him. He also likes the fact that they are recruiting him as a RB.

Maryland - He likes the academic support system along with the facilities and coaching staff. An early chance to play is also a factor.

Does he have a leader?

No. Currently all of the schools are equal.

Will he commit early?

No. He plans to take all of his visits and make a decision afterwards.

What is he looking for in a program?

He is looking for a team atmosphere where there are no selfish attitudes. The sense of team is very important to him.


In the past, Boyd expressed a desire to get away from home. He feels although Rutgers is in-state, it is away from home. He even referred to the school as a "home away from home". That is why he lists them in his top 5.

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