Freshmen Practice Observaton, August 7th

Freshmen Practice Observations 08-07-2002

On August 7th , I visited practice and had the following notes:

Defensive Line:

Luis Rivas (DT, 6'4"-263lbs) really has a motor and practices well. He has been taught some good technique and will probably find himself in the defensive line rotation.

Although he is unable to practice, Val Barnaby (DE, 6'5"-255lbs) really looks the part of the defensive lineman. He is still waiting for clearance from the NCAA Clearinghouse, which a ruling could come by the end of the week. Therefore, he could not practice and was watching the drills.

Vinny Iachetta (DE, 6'5"-220lbs) physically looks good. He needs to put on about 25 - 40 lbs. A redshirt year and some real quality time with Jay Butler (Strength and Conditioning coach), he should be a contributor. Good technique, feet and leverage.

Joe Henley (DT, 6'3"-260lbs) is a good athlete, who could benefit from a redshirt year. Sometime spend with Jay Butler will launch him into the rotation next year.

Offensive Line

John Glass (OL, 6'5"-320lbs) will have to sit out this year due to transfer rules but he should compete for a starting position in the spring. He has decent feet and pad level. He will probably play guard.

William Vogt (OL, 6'3"-292lbs) will play center and will probably redshirt this year. Although he is a bit short, it could be a leverage advantage in run blocking.

Ron Green (OL, 6'6"-320lbs) is still waiting for clearance.


One simple word - Speed!!!

Terry Bynes (OLB, 6'2"-210lbs) can flat out run. He ran the 100 meters in high school and beat numerous skill position players. If they can get away with redshirting him, he can be a very solid performer for the next four years.

Berkeley Hutchinson (OLB, 6'3"-245lbs) is a specimen. He has the size, speed, and potential to be something special.

William Beckford (OLB, 6'1"-220lbs) another specimen. He looks to me like a smaller version of former Rutgers LB Wes Robertson. He is another player that can run. Although he will be ineligible, he will provide the offense with some good looks on the scout team. In the spring, he should be fighting for a starting OLB position.

Will Gilkerson (MLB, 6'2"-230lbs) is playing middle linebacker and looks to be a solid contributer. He might see action this fall.


Clark Harris (TE, 6'5"-225lbs) was catching everything that was thrown to him and turns upfield well. He needs to add about 20 - 30lbs and would benefit from a redshirt year.

ShawnTucker (WR, 6'2"-180lbs) is mister smoooooth. He makes the catches look very easy. He has the speed to go deep and knows how to find the open areas in a zone. He was well coached and has the potential to be a special player.

Cory Barnes (WR, 5'8"-165lbs) is in the mold of Tres Moses but he seems to have more speed. He seems to run crisp routes and has soft hands. He should challenge for playing time.

Fredrick "Boom-Boom" Robinson (WR, 5'7"-160lbs) is a smurf but he is fast and will stretch the defense. During practice, he outleaped 6'1" Brandon Wood for the ball. If he could return kicks, he will provide some trouble for opposing teams.

Darren Haliburton (WR, 6'3"-220lbs) is a big receiver. One person called him a "poor man's Andre Johnson" (referring to the Miami star receiver). A redshirt year will allow him to develop.

Running Back

Brian Leonard (FB, 6'2"-220lbs) is a fullback with speed. Currently, he runs a little upright but this should be soon corrected. Once the pads are on, it will be interesting to see how he handles the blocking. Note: he is wearing his brother's number 15.

Markus Facyson (RB, 5'10"-195) is a smooth runner who finds the hole and goes. He has a similar running style to Clarence Pittman.

Jason Nugent (RB, 6'1"-195lbs) has an "OJ" type running style. He has the speed to take it the distance. It will be interesting to see him run behind the veteran line.


Joe Radigan (P, 6'5"-215lbs) When he gets a hold of the ball, they are boomers.

Defensive back

I did not take a good look at the DBs, therefore I will not comment.


Anthony Cali (QB, 6'5"-215lbs) really looks the part. He throws a good ball and looks to have poise in the pocket.

Ryan Hart (QB, 6'2"-195lbs) throws a good ball. He is a little short but he is very percise with his throws.


Before disciplining the four veteran players for their arrest two weeks ago, Schiano will wait for the result of the court case.

Thursday will be an academic orientation for the freshmen. Therefore, there will be no practice.

The veterans report on Thurs

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