Lane Newest Knight

Al-Ghaffar Lane pulled a surprise commitment today in favor of the home-state Rutgers Scarlet Knights. We spoke to his father, Ameer Henderson, and he shared some of his views on his son's decision. When did Al-Ghaffar make his decision?
AH: He decided yesterday. It totally surprised us. It just hit him and he said ‘I am going to Rutgers. For once, that child made a decision we were in agreement with. Are you saying that you wanted him to attend Rutgers?
AH: We had a meeting with Greg Schiano this summer. He expressed a genuine, deep interest in our son. He had a plan laid out for him. They saw him as part of their plans. We also liked how he said they would schedule his time. We as parents just felt very comfortable with him. Did you feel your son was leaning towards Rutgers?
AH: Nope. He had just returned from Purdue. I know he had a good time there. He was also very interested in Syracuse and West Virginia. What do you think was most important for him in his decision?
AH: I think there are many things that Rutgers offers. But I told him, if you are successful, and don't have people that you love to share it with, then that is not such a great thing. How big is Al-Ghaffar?
AH: He is a legit 6'2 ½ inches, and 200 pounds. Where does Rutgers see Al-Ghaffar playing?
AH: Either DE or OLB. With that impressive weight room and his frame, we see them having no problem getting him up in the 240lb range. We had the pleasure of seeing Al-Ghaffar at the combine. He performed well. But some had said that he seemed to lack that attitude. What would you say to those comments?
AH: When you meet him, he is such a nice and polite kid. He is polished. He is well-spoken. He has always been an honor-roll student. But once those pads are on and he hits the field, he becomes a different person. He is way-above-average as a football player.

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