Video Highlights: Al-Ghaffar Lane

Al-Ghaffar Lane, who stands at just shy of 6-foot-3 and 200-pounds, has an impressive burst off the edge which, combined with his athletic ability allows him to become quite the defensive playmaker for Paterson Catholic. SOR was on the sidelines this past weekend to bring fans several minutes highlighting the athletic ability of the Scarlet Knights latest commit.

#7 Al-Ghaffar Lane

Things to watch for:

Quickness off the snap - impressive first step off the snap of the football.

Running/athletic ability - several clips highlight Lane's ability to move downfield, including a number of Special teams clips.

Attitude - Lane's aggressive nature constantly keeps him in pursuit of the ball, even after a play is already upfield of him. Moreover, he is an exciteable player that displays great energy and emotion.

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