Robinson Alexis: Scheduling Officials

WR Robinson Alexis is a very talented young man, with great speed, moves, and hands. He also is a fiery competitor that will do whatever it takes to win a ball game. And he has demonstrated that by splitting time at WR and QB. And the results speak for themselves; this West Boca HS team is off to a 5-0 record.

Robinson Alexis, the 6'1" 165 lb WR from West Boca HS, is truly a diamond in the rough. And this gem is currently being hotly pursued by 2 programs that are amongst the best in evaluating Florida talent: Auburn and Rutgers.

When Robinson was reached last night, he had already had a conversation with both Auburn assistant coach Eddie Gran and Rutgers WR Coach John McNulty this evening. With coach Gran, they discussed the program at Auburn, how he would fit into their plans and setting up an official visit. "Coach Gran is a really nice guy. Auburn was just here recently. I feel comfortable with him and you can tell that they are very interested. Auburn is a great program. They and Rutgers are the two schools I am most interested in. With Coach McNulty, he wanted to let me know that he wished we had more time to spend together during the Rutgers camps. He really liked me as a player. But he was busy spending time with all the players. We also talked about Rutgers football in general. On Shawn Tucker's injury and how they hope to get him back for the last 4-games. We spoke of Underwood needing to step up as the replacement".

Even though there are no formal offers on the table from either school, he stated "at both places they are just waiting for my scores on the ACT. I take the test on October 28th. I feel confident with the exam and then it is all about getting through the clearinghouse. From a GPA standpoint, I am fine".

The fact that he is getting heavy attention only from these programs is due to the fact these are the only two camps he attended. But at those two camps he turned heads. At Auburn, he ran a 4.37 40-yard dash. At Rutgers, he ran a 4.43. And at the Rutgers camp in Palm Beach, saw him make a ton of plays. We also saw a kid with an incredible frame to add quality weight. Yet, his selflessness is one of his strongest attributes. "My best game this year was against Boyton Beach. I had to play QB that game and was 7-7 for 141 yards. I know coaches are not looking at me to play QB, but I am proud of that game because I helped our team win. That is how I made an impact".

However, a young man with such athleticism and character remains a relative unknown amongst the major recruiting sites. "I did not attend any combines. And that probably hurt me from a recognition standpoint. Don't get me wrong, to get the attention and recognition is nice, but ultimately those rankings and stars can make you cocky and inflate your head. And you know what, that's not me. I have always been a humble person. I am very vocal, loud and intense on the football field, but you'll never hear me trash talk. No matter how I may play, I'll never become big-headed. I am competitor and let my play speak for itself. Stars don't determine how good of a football player you are. Your ability to make plays on the field does".

And knowing that Rutgers had a bye week, we asked Robinson if he had spoken to his main Palm-Beach recruiter, Darren Rizzi. "Coach Rizzi was in our coach's office last week watching my game film. Me and Rizzi have a great relationship. I feel he and I are like family. We set up my official visit for the December 16th weekend".

Overall, Robinson has been following the Rutgers program and the Florida influence is an element that makes him feel very at ease. "When you walk around the neighborhood, there is always someone talking about Rutgers down here. Or you see guys who are going to school there. I know if I ended up at Rutgers, it would feel like family because I would be with a bunch of guys with a similar background. Only difference is now we would be hanging in the cold weather". When asked if he fears the cold, he stated "on the contrary, I hope it snows. I cannot wait to visit up there".

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