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Bill Cubit and Paul Ferraro are fairly certain they are going to appear a lot smarter this fall than they were last fall. That's what usually happens when good coaches get better players. Rutgers' two coordinators -- Cubit handles the offense, Ferraro handles the defense -- left little doubt at the team's annual media day at Rutgers Stadium that the units they preside over will be significantly improved from a year ago.
Rutgers football: Coordinators are upbeat

The first-toughest part, Susan doesn't have to tell you, was joining Greg Schiano's new Rutgers staff and finding the cupboard bare. Of being asked to take an out-of-condition group of overweight and underweight players, weak guys in desperate need of weightroom work, and try to fashion them into a big-time offensive line. The result, as expected, was an offense that scored a meager 36 points in seven Big East Conference games, that kept its freshman quarterback scrambling for his life and that never established a semblance of a running game.
Schiano giving Susan credit for Rutgers' O-Line upgrade

A year after an undersized and generally undermanned Scarlet Knights squad wore out late in games and late in the season, a much more physically capable unit filed into the Hale Center. Sure, linebacker Brian Hohmann's hair (yellow) and fullback Mitch Davis' wig (think Jackie Joyner-Kersee) snagged a few catcalls, but biceps ruled the day.
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NOTES: Schiano announced yesterday that JUCO transfer offensive lineman Ron Green of Linden will not be enrolled in Rutgers this fall."Ron Green will eventually end up here at Rutgers," Schiano said. "He's doing what he's supposed to do to make sure that happens. He's trying to fulfill the academic requirements coming out of junior college."
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Put it this way, if Northern Burlington product Anthony Cali throws a football as well as he pitches the Rutgers program, a bust should be going up in Canton, Ohio, someday with his name on it.
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The Scarlet Knights get their first chance to prove themselves today with the start of fall practice. The freshmen have been in camp since Monday, but the upperclassmen reported Thursday. The bulk of the team stuck around over the summer, lifting weights, running and doing 1-on-1 and 7-on-7 drills to get ready for camp and erase the bad taste of a season ago.
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On the verbal of Dan Sheridan to Villanova:

On the criticism of Mulcahy in today's (Friday's ) feedback. To think that Jay Wright didn't have the Villanova job sewn up weeks/months before he was hired is simply naive. The transition from Lappas to Wright was too seamless to not have been orchestrated in advance by the power brokers at Nova. Don't blame Mulcahy for Wright getting away. We never had a chance at him.

Now, if somebody wants to criticize Mulcahy, then blast him for wasting so much time interviewing lesser candidates before he hired the obvious candidate as his last resort. Had Mulcahy not dawdled, Gary Waters might have hired Fred Hill Jr as his lead assistant. Then, Rutgers would be going toe-to-toe with Nova for blue chip Jersey recruits.

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