Video Interview: Manny Abreu

The State of Rutgers came down with a rather fierce case of euphoria upon learning that one of the top overall LBs in the nation, local blue-chip Manny Abreu, would make his decision public and select Rutgers. SOR caught up with Abreu to discuss the reasons behind his decision.

The obvious commonality among all of Rutgers' recruits thus far is their humble nature and team-first attitude. They exemplify a trait common among the current Scarlet Knights, who would rather bestow praise on another rather than accept it themselves. The team-first attitude illustrated by Raymell Rice, Brian Leonard, and others, trickles down to every member of the Rutgers Football team. It's one of the most difficult traits to exhibit, especially in the testosterone-filled sport of football, but Coach Greg Schiano has made it a point to recruit players that fit his team's character first and foremost.


Because it lends itself to the type of team-work that's become all too obvious on the gridiron this year.

SOR caught up with Manny Abreu, who - talent aside - fits precisely the model of the sort of player that is quickly becoming identified with being a Rutgers Scarlet Knight.

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