Caleb Ruch Highlights

While he stands at 6-foot-3 and 280-pounds, Caleb Ruch - by way of Quakertown, PA - plays low to the ground and is equally adept at pass protection as he is at run-blocking. Ruch already possesses a Division-1 body and displays sufficient athleticism to be used at either the Center or Guard positions at the next level.

Caleb Ruch may be an obvious candidate to replace the big shoes of current RU starting Center Darnell Stapleton. Whether the C position is where he will spend his time in college or whether he may also see time at the G position will remain to be seen. For now, Ruch's main position at Quakertown HS has been at RT and on the interior of the D-line.

SOR was on the sidelines at a recent Quakertown HS game and brings fans game highlights of future Scarlet Knight Caleb Ruch.

Please note that linemen films are not always easy to judge because the clips are not as beautiful as a RB dashing through the line for a 60-yard run or a WR hauling in an 80-yard pass. But players like Ruch enables these plays to happen with some frequency.

From these films, Ruch shows unusual quickness for a 280-pound lineman. This quickness is displayed in these highlight clips as he successfully pulls to block the outside linebacker to open a hole for the RB. In two clips, he gets to the linebacker level to put the onside LB on his back (pancake). These plays are normally difficult for players of Ruch's size but he completes these techniques with little effort. On defense, he displays his strength and athleticism as he stands up the center then sheds the block to get to the RB. In total, he shows the reasons why he is a solid pickup for the Scarlet Knights and why he is projected as a strong center/guard prospect.

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