Lowery: "I've seen every game except Ohio"

Antonio Lowery, the stud LB out of Christopher Columbus HS [Miami, FL] signed on with Rutgers as part of the previous class but was unable to make it. SOR caught up with the do-it-all LB to get the latest on his situation.

"I've been doing pretty good, just chilling," stated Antonio Lowery.

"I'm getting my SAT scores [soon]. I've just been working out hard trying to maintain the 220 [pounds]. Just eating, working out, and eating. I work out every day except for Wednesdays. I can't workout with my [former] team so I just go by myself. I wouldn't be able to work out with them [former teammates] anyway because I'm using much more weight," continued Lowery.

Lowery's workout regimen has been a strict one requiring focus and continued diligence.

"I'll go from bench to close grips, power clean, to squats to dumbell sit-ups, and a few more things. I'll do it all 10 reps, then 8, then 6, 3, 3, and I go until I can't go anymore." In other words until muscle fatigue or as is properly termed, "muscle failure". Lowery has been busy keeping in shape, working at a nearby retail store, and has been keeping a busy eye on his Scarlet Knights.

"I've seen every game except Ohio. They're looking real good. The only thing we [Defense] have to work on is missed tackles and we'll be alright."

The future Scarlet Knight assures Rutgers fans that RU is where he wants to be, but still needs to await qualifying test scores to ensure his eligibility.

Lowery was happy to elaborate about the scene down in southern Florida, especially in regards to what his former teammates, friends and others in his immediate surroundings are saying about Rutgers.

"Everywhere you go there is nothing but Rutgers shirts. Rutgers is Miami down here. It's everywhere and everyone is talking about it."

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