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"I wouldn't say we're going to 'steal' anybody," Schiano said. "But some day we'll compete with Miami, Florida and Florida State. If there's a kid that wants to get out of state, we want to be that school. If Miami, Florida and Florida State each take 15 players, do the math, there are still over 100 really fine players."

Though a few of Schiano's first Florida recruits had not heard of Rutgers, prep stars have by now. They have mostly because of the $12,000-a-month billboards, commercials starring "Sopranos" star and Rutgers graduate Tony Gandolfini and Schiano's weekly television program, which is broadcast on Sunshine Network each Friday night.

Recruiting Florida.


Big Ten Expansion Candidates - Green Leprechauns or Scarlet Knights?

During the Big Ten football media event in Chicago, talk circulated about a possible additional school in the Big Ten. This was all press hype as there are no discussions at the present time. Notre Dame was the hot rumor a couple of years ago but an offer was never extended to the Golden Dome. Just for fun, let's handicap which college(s) may be added to the Big Ten. I talked to Bob Bowlsby at media day and I also got a call from the Mouth of the South about the Big Ten!

First, realize that university presidents, not athletic directors, rule the Big Ten Conference. This is not the SEC! Academics come before athletics. The criteria for admission to the Big Ten would be the following:

1. Academics - Ideally, a large, state, research oriented university with a high academic rating.

2. Television Market - The number of TV sets that could be tuned to their games.

3. Natural Rival - Do they have a natural rival in the conference now?

4. Athletically - Prowess in football and basketball, the revenue sports.

Let's examine the candidates:

Yahoo! Sports: NCAA Football - Handicapping Big Ten Expansion


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Fan Feedback

The mood, "Pro":

Your Saturday Afternoon Practice Report was terrific.
You really gave me a feel for the enhanced team strength
and that ever-so-important team speed. I am thrilled to
hear your assessment of the new crop of receivers and like
you, I don't care where Schiano gets 'em from - I'm just glad
he got 'em. They're Rutgers students, so they're New Jerseyans now!

I was very happy to hear your description of the command and confidence
of Ryan Cubit. I have faith in coach Schiano that Cubit didn't play as
a true freshman and isn't their incumbent this year unless he truly
believes the kid has big-time ability.

Knowing we're not quite there yet as a big-time team, i.e. we'll still
be doing a good bit of punting over the next few years, I was also
more than glad that you confirm all the rumors about Radigan. He
sounds like a hell of an athlete and Lord knows we frequently need
our punter to be the MVP around here..

Mike, I wasn't at that practice, but your summary made me feel like I was...
I really trust your and Big Dog's assessments and if you say these guys are for
real, that's good enough for me.

The mood, "Con":

Mike, the way I have been reading things, I should reserve New Years Week for our first Major Bowl appearance. Let's get real. Hype leads to disappointment. Four victories is a phenomenal year. Sorry, I just had to vent.

Mike Fasano:

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