Is it loud enough yet?

Notes on cheering on the Knights in the Big East Showdown with Louisville


by Mike Fasano

       I'll be at Rutgers Stadium tonight.

     I am going with three carloads of crazies. If we could bring the place down with our cheers - we would.

     But three carloads is not enough.

    When the Rutgers team runs out onto the field the fans must thank the team for all they have done. But more importantly we must cheer them on to the greatest victory in the school's history.

    If - after the team has run onto the field - you are not hoarse from cheering ...

    you haven't done enough.


    In fact, if you are hoarse after the game but you get your voice back by tomorrow morning...

    you haven't done enough.


    Unless the microphones from ESPN are shattered by your cheers ...

    you haven't done enough.


    In fact, if the microphones are shattered, people should still be able to hear you in San Francisco and if they can't ...

    you haven't done enough.


    Unless you cheer until the concrete in the stadium starts to crack,

        until the trees start to shatter,

        until seismographs register it around the world,

    you haven't done enough


    Unless God Almighty comes down from heaven and tells you all to "pipe down the racket" ...

    I can guarantee you that you haven't done enough.


    I'll be there.

    I'll kiss my voice goodbye.

    It's just what any good fan would do.


    Go Rutgers, Beat Louisville




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