Post-Game Coverage: Schiano & Defense

Rutgers Football has become the media darling and feel good story of the 2006 sporting world. In SOR's continued coverage of the Scarlet Knight's most impressive victory - ever - we bring you sights and sounds from Rutgers Football Head Coach Greg Schiano, Captain Eric Foster, and Senior DE William Beckford.

Rutgers Football Head Coach Greg Schiano has come one gigantic step closer to fulfilling his goals wor which he was so blunt about when he first arrived on The Banks during the winter of 2000. Gone are the critical words of fans and media. The Garden State, the New York City media, and the world of college football has now fully embraced the individual - and his team - that is carving his name alongside CFB's legends.

Greg Schiano talked to the media after RU's scintillating come from behind victory over previously #3 Louisville.

Greg Schiano:

SOR caufght up with William Beckford on the field to give fans a taste of what the senior's feelings and emotions were like after the final seconds ticked off. Beckford talks about what this victory means, who it's for, and more.

William Beckford:

For those unfamiliar with the "Chop" before Thursday, they have now been filled in as to its significance. Foster talks about the "Chop", the Rutgers Football mantra of 2006 that has spread like wildfire across the nation.

Eric Foster:

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