RU/U of L: Photo Album II

"Pandemonium in Piscataway" was the most appropriate expression - Chris Carlin could not have been more on the money. Below is SOR's second, exclusive photo album installment, depicting some of the feelings of frenzy about the State of Rutgers, on this magical Thursday evening of Rutgers Football.


All those Scarlet clad became close friends by night's end.

#31 George Johnson has his sight set on the U of L backfield.

Concern is evident on Petrino.

The Cards walked into, not a hornet's nest, but a Scarlet's nest that swarmed all over the field.

Teamwork was evident on the field and in the stands as well.

The mantra of Rutgers Football was seen in the student section - "60 minute Chop".

Hard of hearing? The Cards certainly were as the 12-th man would let them hear all of it.

Al-Ghaffar Lane looks on with a combined sense of awe and pride - Lane, the athletic DE by way of Paterson Catholic, committed to Rutgers earlier this year over a number of other BCS offers.

As the Scarlet Knights mounted their comeback, the student section took it up another notch.

"Pandemonium in Piscataway" has gotten a hold of the Garden State.

Mike Teel behind Center, with Brian Leonard, the face of Rutgers Football, on the near side.

The jubilation can't be held back any longer.

This Piscataway night will be remembered by many as the open endzone students get ready to flood the field.

Pre-season All-America candidate Michael Bush is escorted out of Rutgers Stadium as the Rutgers Football team marches downfield for their victorious points.

Group shot before charging the field -- a second time.

It's all over - Rutgers Football is victorious.  Let the celebrations begin!!


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