Martinek Reflects on Rutgers' Victory

Joe Martinek, Hopatcong HS's star RB/LB, became New Jersey's all-time leading rusher by running around and over the Kittatinny HS defense to the tune of 221 yards and three touchdowns in a 28-7 victory. Martinek, who's exceeded 1700 yards rushing and has better than 13ypr on the season, has his squad playing at a very high level. But this Thursday evening, Martinek & Co. ...

went to check out another team currently playing at a very high level - his future collegiate team, the Rutgers Football Scarlet Knights.

Joe Martinek and his family made the trip down to Piscataway this past Thursday to check out his future collegiate football team and the game-day atmosphere. SOR caught up with Martinek to get his thoughts on Rutgers' victory over Louisville.

SOR: Tell us about your impression of the Rutgers/Louisville game.

JM: It was awesome. I liked how it seemed the whole state was at the game and behind Rutgers and I can't wait to play next year.

SOR: Did you rush the field at the end?

JM: Yea, in the third quarter I went to the student section to sit with some friends and stayed there for the rest of the game.

SOR: What do you think this win does for Rutgers Football?

JM: It puts them on the map. Yesterday, watching football, on every channel they were talking about them and that's a first. I don't think they have ever had that before where everyone is talking about them like that.

SOR: Tell us about the second half and what RU may have done differently.

JM: That goes on the coaches. They have all that knowlege of the game. They went into the locker room, made the change they had to make and the kids got fired up by this crowd and played an amazing second half.

SOR: How will you enjoy playing in front of 44K fans, and more (eventually) on prime-time?

JM: I can't wait - that's what I love about college football: the fan base. And I wanted to go to a college that is going to sell out games and play in front of thousands of people.

SOR: Will all of Hopatcong be coming to games next year?

JM: I belive so. Everyone is telling me they are definately going to as many of the games.

SOR: What was the reception you got at school the next day?

JM: A lot of people saw me on TV so that was pretty cool and everyone watched the game and can't wait for next year.

SOR: Tell the fans 1 thing about Joe Martinek that nobody knows.

JM: I am a shy kid. Everyone thinks I have a huge head and I hate when people do that, but I'm a shy down to earth kid. That is how I was brought up.

Coming from one person that has met Joe on several occassions - yours truly - I could not agree more about the downright unassuming attitude this young man possesses. Already being approached by complete strangers on the street who have become aware of his stardom, Joe is seemingly more embarrassed about giving his John Hancock than those desiring to have it. Too often, young men are put in a position of failure and many times, the discredit and blame must be traced back to their upbringing. Credit must be given to the Martineks, because all they've done is raise a humble and a deferential young man with a superior character. In this day and age, one so rampant with the repulsive me first attitude, that is no minor accomplishment.

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