Nicholls on RU victory and off-season plans

Donte Nicholls remains one of the top prospects on the Rutgers board. When one realizes the type of athlete he is, it becomes obvious as to why he becomes a must get for many top programs in the nation. Nicholls had some thoughts to share on RU and his off-season plans.

Dontee Nicholls watched two of his favorite schools, Rutgers and Louisville, slug it out in one of the most exciting games in recent memory. Nicholls was very impressed with the performance of the Scarlet Knights. "They just wanted it more. That is why they came out on top. For 60-minutes they played with more heart. They just went after them time and time again. The team, especially the defense just kept on attacking them. The atmosphere up there looked incredible".

While Nicholls was excited about the Rutgers performance, he was a bit disappointed that his football season ended with a loss in the playoffs to powerhouse St Thomas Aquinas. "It is a bit disappointing, but I left my all on that field. I can look in the mirror and say I tried my hardest out there to help my team win. So overall, I am OK with it. I just need to focus on the next challenges that present themselves".

And for Nicholls, he will surely be invited to some football All-Star games. But what we did not know was Nicholls has been a three-year varsity player on the Ely basketball team. "I have been playing power forward and the center position for the last three-years. My first two year I averaged in double figures. My junior year, I got bigger and was more into football, so my production dropped to about 7 points per game". When asked if the added weight has significantly affected his mobility, he responded "it has affected it, but I am still mobile. I can still dunk off the drop step". Not bad athleticism someone measuring 6'2" 305 lb.

And to add to his all-around athletic resume, Nicholls is the captain of the Ely baseball team. "Baseball is one of my favorite sports. I have been playing it forever. I pitch and play 3rd base for the team. But this year, with going to college next year to play football, I may not play baseball. I am considering just putting my time in to strength and conditioning. Where ever I go next year, I want to contribute, so I want to be in good shape".

In essence, you have a 6'2" 305 pound warrior at DT, that can also dunk a basketball and man the corner at 3rd base. No wonder he is such a highly touted prospect and a priority for the Scarlet Knights.

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