Dan Mazan

Dan Mazan Update 8-15-2002

Dan Mazan Update

Dan Mazan (OL, 6'4" -285lbs) is one of the best offensive line prospects in the Northeast. Currently, he has over 24 offers from some of the best schools in the country. On August 9th, he attended the Rutgers Kick-off Celebration. After this visit, Mazan was so impressed that he moved Rutgers into his list of favorites.

How did he feel after attending the Rutgers Kick-off Celebration?

Dan Mazan arrived on campus early watched some film and was impressed by the size of the Rutgers front lines. He felt the Rutgers program was coming together. He liked what Coach Schiano was telling him about playing close to home and bringing glory to New Jersey with New Jersey players.

He enjoyed the interaction with the other recruits. He like the fact that Mike Fladell (OL, 6'8" -350lbs), the latest Rutgers commitment, is a right tackle because he plays right guard. He felt that they would make a formidable duo.

Who are his favorites?

Dan Mazan lists his favorites as Rutgers, Ohio State, Penn State, Syracuse, Oklahoma, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

What would help to move Rutgers even further to the top of his list?

He is looking for Rutgers to show some improvement. Four or five wins would be viewed as an improvement to him. But what is even more important than the wins are improved play or more competitive games. He would like to be part of a program that is competitive in ever game.

He is also looking for other known players to commit to Rutgers. One of the players that he mentioned was Nate Robinson, who attended the Rutgers Kick-off Celebration with him.

He likes the fact that he would have an opportunity to play early at Rutgers, rather than having to sit at other programs.

What type of program is he looking to play for?

Mazan likes to run block. As a result, he is looking for a physical running team that plays "smash mouth" football. Currently, he feels that the Big Ten suits his style of play that is why Penn State and Ohio State are among his favorites.

What would he like to major and pursue as a career after football?

He would like to major in Criminal Justice and become a DEA agent.


Mazan will be attending the Rutgers scrimmage on Friday, August 16th.


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