Practice report

A former Rutgers football player sent me these notes on practice:

"I got a chance to attend the practice last night and here are some of my observations.

Practice was very lively and extremely well organized. I was talking with some other attendees and we were commenting on how it would be nice to have some stands for the loyal followers who were there. Just then Coach Schiano came over to the group and thanked us for our support. What a class move. A couple of minutes later we were allowed to move between the fields. A great way to see practice. In terms of some player comments and positions:

QB--I think if Cubit, Trump, Cali and Hart were all true freshman and no one had a father as a coach, Hart would be a slight leader. He has an excellent release and appears quicker on his feet. Cubit, with a year of experience under his belt, has an edge on reads and leadership at this point. I still think that Trump has the "tools" to play. I thought so last year. He throws a better deep ball. I was very impressed with the size and movement of Cali. He does appear to have a "hitch" in his throwing motion. It is somewhat sidearm. I hope they work on it. I expect that Cubit will start but he will be pushed.

RB--Plenty of speed and talent. Facyson is a carbon copy of Pittman and Jones. Nugent will also be a player.

FB--Didn't see much of Leonard. The move of Mitch Davis to FB looks like a smart move.

WR--Very deep. The one guy I kept noticing was Bryon Wilson. He runs hard and has crisp cuts. Shawn Tucker will be a real good one. He can flat out fly.

TE--LJ is sculptured. He should be a star. Boerer will be spotted in the two TE set. He looks to have lost quite a bit of weight. Loomis looks very good. He has added weight and has good hands. Clark Harris will red shirt.

OL--Schiano seems set with his first five. Carswell, McManis, Marty P, Duffy and Blackwood(Williamson). I couldn't believe how big Duffy is. He must go 325 @ 6'5". He made McManis look small. Sameeh McDonald is ready to go and is big. Espo continues to work hard. John Glass looked very comfortable at tackle and will play next year. Biernacki was getting quite a bit of work and could contribute.

DL--Gibson and Burnett are inside. Gibson is my favorite. I stood next to Burnett on the sideline and he is well conditioned and large. He must be carrying 285. He is moving very smoothly. Neill is up to 245, Peterson is ready, but the real leader of the line seems like Raheem Orr. On the sideline most of the players follow his example. A team leader.  I was particularly surprised that Joe Henly seemed smaller than expected. On the other hand I was shocked at the size and physical condition of Val Barnaby. He could be worth the wait.

LB--Very solid with Bracket, Bender and Hohman. Hohman has built himself into a physical specimen and has a tireless motor. On the sideline I was standing next to Bynes, Gilkison and Berk. Terry Bynes is larger than 210 and is built. Gilkison is a solid 230. He spent most of the workout on the sideline being instructed by Coach Donofrio (I think). They are working very hard with him on understanding the defense.

DB--This appears to be our best group. Lots of experience. Asberry and Durango were getting a lot of work and could see time.

Kickers--We have two excellent punters---no problems. Place-kicking is up for grabs. This will be decided throughout camp.

My partner got a chance to talk to his old friend, Coach Mielo, who said "we are a lot better". If you look at physical conditioning and spirit anyone would agree. Now they have to come together as a team.

Mike, there are no more open practices so we don't see them again until Villanova. Schiano will be providing us with a more talented team. Let's hope they can get those first three under their belts and pull off a few upsets later."

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