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With each dropped pass and every set of downs that produced little in the way of offense during Rutgers' first scrimmage of the preseason yesterday, the ticking of the clock to the Knights' season opener against Villanova seemed to get louder in head coach Greg Schiano's head. Suddenly, with the countdown now at two weeks before the Wildcats visit Rutgers, time is running short.
Rutgers football: Offense running out of time

PISCATAWAY - They closed Rutgers' first full-dress scrimmage of the preseason to the public last night. Only players' parents were let into the stadium. Good thing, too. This was ugly, one only a mother could love. A very lenient mother. Football coaches can't afford to be lenient. The just-swallowed-a-bad-oyster look on Greg Schiano's face told you how he felt. The season opener is two weeks from tonight. Someone, said Schiano, asked him the other day if there was enough time to get ready for it.
"I answered it's going to be close, but we'll be ready as long as we don't backslide." He paused for effect. "Today, we backslid. We can't afford it."
Rutgers: The good, bad and ugly

PISCATAWAY -- With three starters sidelined with pulled hamstrings, there were plenty of dropped passes and no touchdowns for the Rutgers football team's starting offense as it struggled to move the football Friday in the first of two preseason intrasquad scrimmages. The season opener against Villanova is now only two weeks away, and coach Greg Schiano was concerned about the lack of firepower.
First-team offense struggles in Rutgers' intrasquad scrimmage - Courier News

The first-team defense dominated, stopping the first-team offense three-and-out to start the controlled scrimmage, and not allowing a single score throughout the two-hour exercise.
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A late congratulations to you and Big Dog on the new site. I haven't emailed you in a while. Recently joined the "total access package". Hope you guys are realizing some financial benefit for all your hard work. You guys are really keeping us up to date on the events of training camp. Even if it is a little biased. Heck, we are all RU fans, I hope we have some optimism at the beginning of the season. If not we might as well pack it in. I myself will settle for 4 wins and more competitive games myself. I think we are on the right path, and I can sence the momentum picking up with Schiano and his staff. It seems he has really assembled some great teachers. I was also shocked and estactic to see that Darien Barnes is getting a shot with the NY Giants. He attended my wife's HS so we're both happy for him. My wife says he comes from a great family. I had thought he gave up football due to injuries and an earlier car accident.

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