SOR catches up with Justin Francis

Rutgers' commit Justin Francis has now completed his senior season. His Miramar team finished with a disappointing 5-6 record and a loss last week in the playoffs to Cypress Bay. "We had our ups-and-downs throughout the year. For the most part, the offense had its struggles and the defense had to carry us".

However, individually Francis had a monster season. Playing the MLB position, he tallied 137 tackles and 7 sacks. He also played tight end on the offensive side of the ball. At Rutgers, he is unsure if he'd prefer to end up at DL or LB. "Where I would want to play is iffy. I like DE, but I learned the LB position this year and was really feeling it. LB felt like a good fit".

Francis is proud of the season Rutgers has been having and states he predicted they would become a great program. "Everyone doubted me at first. But I told them they better be looking out. We're not messing around up at Rutgers. With the success they've been having, now half the kids around school are telling me, ‘Justin my bad. Justin take me to Rutgers with you'".

Francis still receives phone calls from the likes of South Florida, Pittsburgh, Alabama, and Auburn. But he emphasized that he is committed to Rutgers and that Rutgers is the place for him.

In the off-season, Francis will focus on the continued improvement of his conditioning. "I have improved my body a lot since this summer. I have gained an inch and am at 6'3" and lost a lot of the baby fat. I am weighing 232 right now. I am running and weight lifting throughout the week. On the weekend, I run on the beach with my head coach to work on my endurance". In the spring time, Justin will participate in track, where he competes in the 100M, 200M, discus and shot put events.

The 3.0 student has taken the SAT and has received a qualifying score.

In the future, Francis says to look out for the following Miramar prospects: Jr. S/WR prospect Marco Archer, a 6'2 185 that he describes as "lightning fast" and Jr. CB Jerrel Mims, a 5'10 160 that he states is a "phenomenal DB".

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