RU – Nebraska Post Game Notes and Quotes

Rutgers coach Fred Hill insisted that even prior to the team snapping its losing streak against Nebraska, the team had not lost its work ethic, its receptiveness or its willingness to learn and be coached: "To the kids' credit, we've had great practices. I thought after the Kansas State game, we had one of the best practices that I've been involved with in 25 years."

"We're getting better, we're learning, we're growing. It's going to be a process," added Rutgers Head Coach Fred Hill.

On the victory on Saturday: "These kids have worked so hard. They've worked and earned what they've gotten today. They deserve it – they're extremely coachable." He then added, when asked what the difference was in this game: "Look guys, this is not magic. You see what happens when your shots begin to go down". He continued, "I was happy about everything about this game. Well, everything but the defense."

On keeping his team's morale up: "I tell them: no matter what anybody says, you're getting better. They are – they're listening and they're learning".

Jaron Griffin, on the best shooting game of his young career: "Coach Hill talks about my footwork. My footwork hasn't been right. It's getting there".

On his role this year: "Last year I was 7th or 8th man off the bench, and this year I'm starting. He has confidence in me. I'm getting way more comfortable. All the hard work over the summer has paid off".

About this victory: "It's just one game. We've got to keep it going".

Frank Russell is an extremely modest young man. When asked about the biggest game of his career at Rutgers, matched up against Aleks Maric with Adrian Hill and Hamady N'diaye both having fouled out, he replied: "It wasn't down to me. If it wasn't me, it would've been somebody else. It was just a matter of the team pulling together. We have each other's backs. Coach preaches being ready. You never know when your time will come. Everybody has to be ready to go out and do it".

He also appears to be a young man imbued with a great deal of common sense. When asked about the significance of this win, he replied: "Any time you break a losing streak its good for morale, but the season doesn't end here. It's really just a new beginning. It can be a turning point, but it's how you react".

Courtney Nelson also had a break out game of sorts. His thoughts on his most recent performance: "It's been a rough week, a rough Temple loss. We've been dealing with a lot of things mentally. The coaches tell me I'm a big part of this team, and they need a better player out of me. They were showing a lot of confidence in me, so it was just a matter of going out and doing it".

Marquis Webb is the acknowledged leader of this team, so when asked if he has had to assume that role more significantly recently during this rough start, his response was not surprising: "Yes, definitely. Being a leader means I have to come out every day in practice and keep guys motivated and let them know everything is going to be alright. We have to keep motivated in practice and work hard at becoming better as a team and as individuals".

One final note: when asked about the status of Byron Joynes, Coach Hill stated that he wasn't sure of anything yet, and that no decision has even begun to be made. He stated that he has not even consulted with the doctors yet to review his status, and that a decision will be made only after that. Thus, as far as redshirting, or returning by Jan. 3rd for Seton Hall – it's all up in the air for now until a full review of his medical status is made.

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