Schiano to Stay at Rutgers

Wild speculation dictated everything from "Schiano is gone" to "Schiano would never go" during the last several weeks. Numerous sources indicated that Miami would make their interest in Rutgers Football's Head Coach public this Monday morning and the conventional thinking was that a public courtship would follow. Rutgers Football Coach Greg Schiano ended all speculation earlier today by ...

deciding to stay at Rutgers.

For Miami fans, the choice was obvious. Greg Schiano, as any sane man could see, would be the next head coach at Coral Gables. The former defensive coordinator of the proud program had no business settling into a middling job in a left for dead conference. Once the courtship would become public - speculation, much of it trustful, suggested this would happen as early as Monday morning - an offer would follow and once Miami would make their lucrative case to the New Jersey native, Schiano would have no choice but to leave his current home for his former one.

Below, SOR will look at the 5 most important reasons why Rutgers Football Head Coach Greg Schiano was indeed never interested in the Miami job, why it never made sense for him to begin with, and why his choice to remain at Rutgers was the correct decision.

1. Importance of Family
The Wyckoff, New Jersey native and Ramapo High School graduate has four young children. The importance of stability in raising one's young ones cannot be over-emphasized. Children do not need to be moved from place to place and those family folks among us will recognize the choice between moving and not - and the influence on their development - as an easy one to make. Stability, the overriding issue of concern in this aspect trumps all other considerations.

2. Man of Accomplishments
A man of accomplishments is not simply one that sets goals, but one that aims to and does achieve them. When Greg Schiano decided to leave the University of Miami - just prior to it reaching its peak - for the bleak pastures of Rutgers University, he was ridiculed and mocked. The derision was heard loud and clear, from New Jersey to Miami. But them man believed. He endured the years of adjustment as criticism by those within and without the program continued.

His words, of the now memorable December 1st, 2000, hiring are etched in memory among Rutgers fans.

"This program will be built on a rock foundation," he said. "It will take longer than building it on stilts, but when it's built, it will be built forever. This is where I started; this is where I was striving to get back to. I'm thrilled to be here. It's time."

The man had not only goals, but a plan that set to accomplish said goals. The man knew what it took to become a winner. His personal experiences at Penn State and Miami provided him with invaluable knowledge. And he decided to do the unthinkable that first of December - to risk it all.

Greg Schiano is a man of accomplishments. His goals at Rutgers have not yet come to fruition, at least not all of them. His dreams of winning a national championship - words that were uttered by a majority of the sporting media this past fall throughout the early weeks of November - have finally reached the point of illumination. He can see the light and it is within grasp.

For the first time in his brief head coaching career Schiano can begin to enjoy the fruit of his labor. With unprecedented success at the former graveyard of college football coaches, Schiano for the very first time, can sell the dreamiest of dreams to the best and brightest student athletes. Makes no sense to leave now if your driving passion is to accomplish and etch your name in stone. Makes no sense to leave now, when things are just about to get fun.

And it certainly makes no sense to leave now, in the middle of a job - thus far, extraordinarily done.

3. The Legend Grows - It Could Only Grow Here
The legend of Brian Leonard has grown by leaps and bounds during the last few months. Leonard, the face of the program today, had said 'No' to all the top schools when he decided on Rutgers (from Notre Dame, to countless other schools according to many of the pundits, or so the fable goes). Many of the original stories have begun to feed stories of their own and the status of Brian Leonard has truly begun to reach that of a legend - it is how he will be remembered. And rightfully so.

The same goes for Schiano. Nowhere else may Schiano have even the opportunity to reach the iconic status he could enjoy at Rutgers. And most certainly not at a place like Miami.

At Rutgers he may build the path. At Miami, he'd have to walk the same path walked by others before him.

At Rutgers, Schiano could be the very first trailblazer, at Miami he'd one in a line of many before him.

Only at Rutgers, where history has somberly neglected the birthplace of college football for much too long, can Rutgers Stadium become the House that Greg built and a legend in its own right.

4. The Uncanny Vision
Fans talk about Raymell Rice's uncanny balance and vision as he weaves in and out of holes, around and over defenders. The same should be repeated of Rutgers' 6th year head coach. The perfect illustration is the "Block R".

It is something so simple, yet so perfect. It describes Rutgers the way it should have always been described.

Yet, the State University of New Jersey went through three different school logos during the 1990's, in one of many fruitless efforts attempting to find its identity. All failed.

Until Schiano unveiled The Block R. One man, with the right set of eyes had to see it before him. It was such a simple change, yet it now personifies, indeed it breathes Rutgers.

5. The Next College Football Power
Rutgers has at its fingertips, all that a head coach could ever covet. Schiano realized these attributes the moment he gave thought to the possibility of coaching at Rutgers.

With a single ten-win season under his belt, fans can look back at the captivation of New York City with this once left for dead program. What may the future hold after a string of similar and greater successes?

Though they are New Jersey's team, that's a mere technicality that has been and will continue to be conveniently overlooked. The Big Apple has begun to embrace Rutgers like none before it. The pure power of the center of the media world has given Rutgers - and by association, the Big East - a reach into households never tapped into before. It's a level of potential success that is unmatched across the entirety of the United States.

Not in south Florida.

Not in southern California.

And yes, not even in that remote hotbed of college football in northwestern Indiana.

The pure potential at Rutgers, something only Schiano was able to begin to tap into, has no rival across the college football landscape.

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