Nicholls talks about his Rutgers trip

Broward County DT Dontee Nicholls is one of the players the Rutgers coaches strongly hope to land. His visit this weekend to Rutgers gave him a little more clarity on what the school has to offer. He shared some of the high and low points of his visit with

Dontee Nicholls recently returned back home from his visit to Rutgers. While he said he had a "good time", there were some pros and cons to his visit.

"I enjoyed hanging out and speaking to the players a bit. I was hosted by Jamaal Westerman and he was cool. He played down here at St Thomas. I also got to see some of the Florida guys that I know like Pat (Nemorin). He tells me how he likes it up here. Pat's put on some good weight. He looks like he is around 225 now".

Nicholls stated that he was most impressed with the tempo of practices. "They really practice at a very fast pace. They are also very organized in how they do things". He also reiterated his good relationship with coaches Rizzi and Schiano.

Unfortunately, Nicholls could not visit much of the campus as he took the ACT exam Saturday morning at a local NJ high school. And while Nicholls has stated in the past that he considers himself a city boy, the "bright lights of the Big Apple" seemed a bit of a culture shock. "It was good to get on a Subway for the first time. But New York is a little too much. Too many people there. And I knew it would be cold, but I did not expect it to be that cold".

Overall though, he said it was a good visit. Nicholls will most likely trip to Georgia next week and expects to have a decision made by the end of December.

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