In their own words: Muldrow's RU visit

One of the best Offensive linemen in the northeast, Richard Muldrow has written down his experiences and thoughts of his visit to Rutgers. In doing so, he provides a glimpse into the Rutgers visit from a prospect's perspective. Enjoy...

My full name is Richard Eugene Muldrow III but my friends call me Big Rich. I was born on April 6, 1989 in El Paso, Texas. My family and I moved to York, PA in March 1990. I'm 6'8", 302lbs and play left tackle and defensive end. I chose to visit Rutgers because of the awesome coaching staff and the welcoming students and players.

When I first saw the campus I was amazed of how its based in the city of New Brunswick and how it blends in city life with its college campus.

When I first arrived, I met a defensive lineman recruit from Orlando, Florida in the hallway of the Hale Center. I also met Antwan Easterling, who is a RB from Miami Northwest, in the team lounge while playing Xbox 360. My host was Kevin Haslam, who was a Redshirt freshman and left guard. He was a great host, who took me under his wing. I had a good time and, of course, I spanked him in Madden 2007 on PS2 while we were playing video games at his dorm. Besides my host, I hung out with many of the recruits in the team lounge. I played Alphanso Bryant, WR from Homestead, Florida in a Racing game. My roommate was a dude by the name of Chris Fredrick from Northern High in Maryland, I believed he plays multiple positions so he's what I would call an "athlete". We had a great time together. We shared one thing in common, which was running up our cell phone bills talking to girls, lol. On Friday, we started the day off with lunch. From there, we had physicals with the Rutgers head trainer Dave McCune and his staff. After that Mr. McCune gave us a training room presentation. After the tour of the training room, we went to the equipment room for another presentation. We concluded the tour with a tour of the Rutgers campus. After that we went to an academic presentation by Dean Kirschener & staff at the Red Lion Cafe, which is in the Dining Hall. After that we checked into the Hyatt New Brunswick and unpacked and everything. After that we went to dinner and met up with our hosts. After we ate I went back to Kevin's (Haslam) room met his roommates and his girlfriend and played video games and then went to a party on the Douglas campus. To cap off the night, all the recruits and hosts went to the "grease trucks" and got fat sandwiches.

On Saturday, we started off with a good breakfast in our hotel. After breakfast, we went over to the Busch Campus and checked out the Silvers dormitory. After that we went back to the Hale Center and met with Scott Walker for an academic support presentation. We proceeded to the weight room for a weight room presentation by the Rutgers Strength and Conditioning Coach, Jay Butler. We then when down to the stadium to watch a practice. At the conclusion of practice, we when to Old Man Rafferty's to eat lunch. After a two hour rest, we took the train to New York City for a visit to the ESPN zone and Times Square. After all that we came back to New Brunswick. Upon my return, I went to an awesome house party with my host and all the other recruits and their hosts and had a very good time. To cap the night, we went to the R.U. Grill & Pizza and ate fat sandwiches. The best event of the day beside going to NYC and all that I would have to say the house party. I hung out with pretty much everybody and got to know a lot of them real well. It was kind of hard when you hear people everywhere you went in NYC and New Brunswick "come to Rutgers!!!!"

On Sunday morning, my family and I met with Coach Schiano and Coach Robert Jackson. The meeting went really, really well with Coach Schiano. My family, Coach Robert Jackson, Coach Schiano, and I were in his office for a long time. We discussed a lot of things ranging from academic prestige to Michael Jordan. He was very honest and told me that they want me. They think I have what it takes to become a great player at the next level. I think if coach Kyle Flood gets his hands on me as an O line coach I would go to the NFL. They were very honest, they told me that I'm that top guy at tackle. What they saw on film is an athletic, intelligent, offensive tackle who stays on blocks and gets it done and that's what they want in their lineman.

As for the visit in total, I rate it a 10 out of 10.

As for a leader, I have to say right now that Rutgers is the leader.

My favorite event of the whole weekend would actually be two events:

1. The New York City Trip

2. The house party on Saturday

My next visit might be to the University of Illinois on January 12th but I will definitely visit Penn State on January 19 to 21st.

After my visit to Penn State, I plan to make my decision.

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