Comcast to the Rescue?

New Jersey Comcast subscribers will be able to watch Rutgers battle Kansas State in the inaugural Texas Bowl. Though it will not come without a mild source of pain, Comcast analog subscribers will need advanced time to take the necessary preparations.

Ever since the regular season concluded Rutgers fans have been tortured endlessly due to not knowing whether they'll be able to watch their Scarlet Knights do battle in their second consecutive bowl game. The Texas Bowl, which is owned exclusively by the NFL Network, would not be available to a substantial number of NYC-area viewers. Given the tremendous viewing bonanza that has watched the Rutgers Football team climb the ladder to national prominence, it would behoove the NFL Network to team up with local area cable companies and provide a viewing opportunity for the local Scarlet Knight fan base. However, no such agreement has yet been reached between the NFL Network and Cablevision and Time Warner.

All Comcast subscribers will have an opportunity to watch Rutgers vs Kansas State, on December 28th, 2006. Digital subscribers will have a leg up - the game will be seen on Channel 180 and HD customers will be able to tune in on Channel 206 - while basic subscribers and new customers must visit their local Comcast company stores in order to pick up a digital box.

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