Farrington Selects Rutgers

Jameil Farrington knew all about Rutgers well before his official visit this past weekend. Indeed, Rutgers Defensive Backs Coach Chris Demarest had been targeting the Homestead product since his Junior year and when it was all said and done, Farrington decided to join Coach Demarest and the rest of the Rutgers Football family.

Jameil Farrington became the second Homestead HS pledge to Rutgers this week, joining teammate Joseph Nicolas who decided in favor of the budding eastern power earlier this week. Farrington, who stands at 6-foot-2 and 240-pounds, becomes the 19th pledge for the Rutgers Football class of 2006. He is also the seventh prospect to select Rutgers from the sunshine state.

"I took a visit [to Rutgers] this weekend," stated Farrington. "Everything I saw as far the schoolwork and how they graduate all their players I liked." It was the intangibles that eventually sold Farrington on Rutgers. Most certainly, the success of this year piqued his interest, but when it was all said and done, Farrington was more intrigued about what a Rutgers degree would mean for him in the event that football does not last an entire lifetime. Hence, the strong focus on academics this past weekend, for the fully qualified south Florida star.

Farrington selected Rutgers after only taking one prior visit, to UCF. However, his offer sheet included Pittsburgh, Louisville, Mississippi, UCF, NC State - to whom he was scheduled to visit but canceled once the coaching change took place - and Auburn.

With the recent commitment of Joe Nicolas to Rutgers, fans may be of the belief that his friend's and teammate's commitment had major implications on Farrington's decision. However, that did not play a role in this case.

"Nah, it [Nicolas' commitment] didn't affect me at all. We are our own men and we each have to look out for ourselves and make our own decisions," stated Farrington.

Though Rutgers' newest commit loved his visit this past weekend, he decided it would be best to hold off and discuss the decision with his parents first.

"I had to tell my parents about it [the trip]. We had to talk about it and they told me to make the decision that I feel most comfortable with. They were very excited about them [choosing Rutgers]. My dad follows them a lot, he's a real sports fanatic. He was really watching them more because of Eric Foster earlier on, but then as they started winning more and more he really got into it," continued Farrington.

And while it may seem that RU's on the field success made Farrington aware of the Scarlet Knights, the future Rutgers lineman tells SOR that he's known about the Big East school for quite some time.

"They've known about me since my Junior year and I've been interested since my Junior year. Coach Demo came down to my school back then and that's how I found out about them. Coach Demo, he's a real nice guy. He cares about you and he really lets you know how it really is not what you want to hear. Before my visit he was saying all these things about Rutgers and then finally he just said I'm gonna stop telling you everything and let you see it for yourself," said Farrington. And Farrington did, and once he left the NJ campus, he had been sold.

Additionally, Farrington talks with All-American and Homestead alumnus DT Eric Foster about once or twice a month and the guidance he received from Foster proved invaluable as well. "He told me straight up that you have to go where you want to go, not where somebody else wants you to go."

Farrington states he was recruited as a defensive end and has no preference on where he may play while enrolled at Rutgers.

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