Tuesday Photo Shoot: III

The tradition of carrying the seniors off the field continued on Tuesday as the Rutgers Seniors wrapped up their last ever in-pads practice as members of the Scarlet Knights. Brian Leonard, Derrick Roberson, Ramel Meekins, Joe Radigan, and the rest of the Seniors were carried off the field by their teammates.

In a continued tradition, Rutgers' Joe Radigan, one of the unsung heroes of 2006, was carried off the field by his teammates.


Ramel Meekins (background) and Derrick Roberson (foreground) are helped off the field by their teammates.


The face of Rutgers Football - Brian Leonard.


Rutgers' Ray Rice leads the escort of Brian Leonard.


A hero among heroes - Rutgers' Brian Leonard.


Andres Morales carries Quintero Frierson off the field.


Brandon Renkart and a fellow teammate lead Devraun Thompson, a local standout by way of Piscataway HS (NJ), off the field.


Mo Lange, Jeremy Zuttah, and Kevin Haslam lead Cam Stephenson off the field.


Today's star (Cam Stephenson/RG - middle), tomorrow's stud OT (Jeremy Zuttag - right) and the future (Mo Lange - left).



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