Rutgers Continues Preparation for KSU

It was an effective yet emotional last day in pads for the 2006 version of the Rutgers Football team as the Seniors participated in their last practice. Rutgers Football Head Coach Greg Schiano, along with Mike Teel and Ray Rice talked about the implications of a second consecutive Bowl Game and their continued preparations for Kansas State with the media.

Rutgers Football Head Coach Greg Schiano

[On today's workout being the last ever practice for the Scarlet Knight seniors:]

We didn't want to make this sad, we wanted to make this something that we're happy about, and send them off the right way. Its great to
see those guys being carried off the field today that's a tradition around here. I'm going to miss those players, but we've got one more
left with them, so were going to try and enjoy it and play our best.

[On his time in Houston so far:]

We've enjoyed it, and everybody with the Texas Bowl has been treating us very nicely. The city of Houston and the hotel were staying at
(Hyatt Regency) has been great, so its been a real good experience so far for our team, and were looking forward to going out to the
Rodeo tonight, which is something that most guys from New Jersey have never done or seen before, so that should be fun.

[His feelings on taking Rutgers to their second straight Bowl appearance:]

It's a great feeling, as I've said before this program has been to three bowl games in 137 years - so we're very happy to be in this Bowl
game. Its very important for our program to continue to show consistent growth.

[On his team's preparation for Kansas State:]

It's been a lot more than the last couple of days. The first half of our preparation was more young guys developmental and keeping the
older guys sharp, but we've had quite a few practices solely dedicated to Kansas State. They are a very good football team and present a
lot of different issues schematically that are challenges that we have to prepare for on offense, defense and the kicking game. So we've
spent a good amount of time on them and I think were prepared, but you never know until you go out there and play.

[On having the chance to show the State of Texas some Rutgers football:]

Yes, but that's everywhere you play. I always tell our kids that every game is an opportunity to show people what you're made of, and
certainly this is a part of the country we don't get down to very often. So hopefully we can make an impression out here.

Starting QB Mike Teel

[On his anxiety and excitement level just two days before the game:]

We're excited about the opportunity, and we've been focused since we've been here. Today was a good day to really polish off the last
couple of things we needed to get done, and have some time to get ready to play. It warmed up a little bit, and it was nice to be
outside today to see the sun and play a little football.

[On seeing his senior teammates being carried off the field:]

It's a sad day in a way, but also a good day for the program in a way, because those guys deserve everything they get. They've been
through a lot of tough times as well as good times, and to end this thing the right way for them is really what they deserve.

[On having the opportunity to play in a second Bowl game for Rutgers, even though they just missed a shot at a BCS game:]

Well, all the stuff that comes with playing in a bowl game, the extra time to practice and prepare is so important for this program and
for our development as a football team. It all just continues to help us step-by-step where we need to go. And still this school has
never won a Bowl game, so we have that opportunity in front of us to make history.

RB Raymell Rice

[On if he feels like the team is ready for the game on Thursday:]

Today was the last practice of the year, so were pumped up now.

[On having the opportunity to play in a second Bowl game for Rutgers, even though they just missed a shot at a BCS game:]

It puts us right where we need to be right now. We had our sights set pretty high, and we leaped some boundaries this year, but to
finish off this season the right way, we need to win this Bowl game.

[His thoughts on the Kansas State Wildcats:]

They are a very good team that plays in a tough conference. When you watch them on film, you see flashes of their game. They don't look
like a 7-5 team, they look like a team that could be playing in a BCS game.

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