Claude "Turk" McBride

Update Claude McBride 8-28-2002 Claude McBride (DE/OLB, 6'4"-220lbs)

Claude "Turk" McBride is one of the most highly recruited players in the nation. Currently, he has over 40 scholarships offers.

He lists Miami, West Virginia, Syracuse, UCLA, Michigan, and Virginia. Although he lists these schools among his favorites, he is still open.

How does he view his favorites?


They were the first program to contact him and have been his favorite school since his childhood. He has had numerous conversations with former Woodrow Wilson star and current Miami starter Jamaal Green, who sings the praises of the school.


He likes Coach Groh and his defensive scheme. They would like him to play OLB and come off the corner to rush the QB.


They would like him to play OLB and he likes the head coach.


They told him that he would be featured like former Syracuse player Dwight Freeney.


He likes the tradition.

He plays the DE position but many schools are recruiting him as an OLB, due to his ability to rush the QB. However, he would prefer to play DE in an attacking style of defense.

Where does Rutgers stand?

With over 40 offers, he views Rutgers as being among his top 20 schools and views them as a true possibility. He likes Coach Schiano and refers to him as a "fun guy". He even feels that they can possible be one of his five visits. He likes how hard Rutgers is recruiting him with the three to four letters that he receives from them per day.

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