Will Mara be a Scarlet Knight?

Sean Mara, by way of Iona Preparatory School (New Rochelle, NY), stands at 6-foot-1 and 200-pounds. The local QB standout and Army All-America nominee that threw for 1443 yards during his Senior season has seen his recruitment pick up steam following his appearance in San Antonio. Mara has a pair of visits already set for the next couple of weekends and some hard decisions to make.

Sean Mara had an opportunity that very few High School athletes ever experience in attending and participating in the annual Army All-American Game. The talented signal-caller that threw for greater than 1,400 yards during his Senior campaign, by of the Empire State, made sure to enjoy every moment of it.

"It was definitely a great experience," stated Mara when discussing his week in San Antonio.

"It was something I wouldn't trade for anything. It's a once in a lifetime experience to play with and against some of those guys. They're some of the best players in the country and many of them are probably going to play pro in the future."

One of the most noticable aspects of the game, from a player's perspective, is the change in speed and size of individual players as compared to the weekly opposition one is used to. Players are bigger, faster, and just flat-out better. What were Sean's impressions?

"The ones who really stood out were a bunch of the linemen. Maybe one out of four weeks do we see linemen of that size when we play during the season. Each lineman seemed at least 6'4" and 300-pounds, and that was something I wasn't used to seeing."

Mara had very positive things to say about a pair of standouts, in particular.

"Noel Devine really stood out. He isn't that big but I couldn't believe how fast he was. He just cuts on a dime," continued Mara.

"Eric Berry [Tennessee pledge] stood out also. He is definitely the best High School corner I have ever seen. He pretty much shut everybody down during practice."

With a week to remember, one that he'll be telling his grandkids about, now behind him, Sean has his own recruitment to focus on.

Rutgers has shown interest and will receive an official visit from Mara the weekend of 1/26-27. This weekend, Mara has scheduled a trip to Hofstra, where the attraction is an opportunity at early playing time.

In regards to Rutgers, the situation is not so clear, and Sean and his parents will have some thinking to do over the next few weeks.

"Last off-season I sent them [Rutgers] my tapes. They kept sending me mail and I decided to go to their spring game and that was the first time I met their coaching staff. I've been in contact with Coach Flood during the entire time."

Last night, Rutgers Football Head Coach Greg Schiano payed a visit to the Maras household to discuss some of the possible opportunities ahead of Sean.

"It turns out that they are not going to offer a Quarterback this class. Coach Schiano and Coach McNulty came by the house and we talked about the possibilities. They asked me to walk on to the team."

Considering that Rutgers decided some time ago not to pursue a QB, but that they would still like to have Sean be a member of the Scarlet Knights speaks volumes.

"I can't tell you how impressed I was by Coach Schiano and Coach McNulty. They do a great job selling their team and what they're doing there, they're going to be contending for a national championship soon. For me and my parents, we were very impressed by what they were telling us."

So where do things stand at this moment in time for the All-American?

"I'm not sure yet. Probably the week after the Rutgers visit I'll decide between one of three things. I could decide to go to Rutgers, I could go to a D1-AA school [Fordham] or I could go to a prep school."

Sean, a fully qualified student, would be heading to prep school to increase his exposure to the 1A schools. Two of the current possibilities and two schools he has been in contact with are Hargrave Military Academy and Milford Academy.

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