Martinek has great visit to Rutgers

Recruited athlete Joe Martinek, New Jersey's all-time leading rusher, took his official visit to Rutgers this weekend. The longtime Scarlet Knight commitment had an excellent visit to Piscataway and his father had some great things to say about the Rutgers program.

According to Joe Martinek Sr, their family had an outstanding visit. "It is the hospitality and attention to detail by all the members to the Rutgers staff. They do such an incredible job of making you feel at home and comfortable. It is just a first class program."

Martinek was hosted by LB Kevin Malast and the two seemed to hit it off quite well.

"Joe is a pretty reserved kid. But he and Kevin bonded. Kevin is a bit older and more outgoing, but they hung out together at dinner and afterwards. They exchanged numbers. Kevin just seemed like the right match for Joe in terms of a host."

In addition to his host, there were many things that stood out to Martinek Sr. But it was the people that left the most lasting impression.

"They are bringing in kids that not only look the part physically, but are also character kids. We had a chance to meet a lot of the young men visiting this weekend and they are just great young men. These are polite, well-spoken young men and overall good kids."

Martinek Sr. also received some very promising news about Joe's future as a football player.

"We sat down with the coaches, and they laid out some of the plans they had for Joe. He is coming in as an athlete and it is not etched in stone where they intend to utilize him. Whether it be on offense or defense, he will play where he can best impact the team. They like his versatility and athleticism. So that situation will be played by ear. We felt pretty positive about that."

Martinek, who has yet to ever hit a weight room, has finally started lifting weights this month and is beginning to finally fill out.

"He is looking better by the day. His body has changed over the last month. They decided to weigh him and he weighed in at 206 lbs. This summer, when he was at the combine he was around 193. So when you see him, you can tell his body is starting to mature. He is only 17, so he may even grow more also".

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