Caleb Ruch: In His Own Words

After his whirlwind tour this past summer, Caleb Ruch decided to put an end to his recruitment and offer his verbal commitment to Coach Schiano and his incoming class of 2007. This past weekend, a total of 9 prospects took their official visit to Rutgers. Among them was Ruch, a AAAA All-Pennsylvania 1st Team honoree this past fall.

Caleb Ruch is an explosive offensive lineman. The AAAA All-PA 1st Team selection as an offensive lineman, Ruch is as adept at run blocking as he is at pass blocking and all signs point to his being the next great Center at Rutgers. Due to his ability to get out of his stance with such rapidity, he is able to grab on to his defender, stay low to the ground, and make his way to the second level with ease and frequency. His knowledge of the game coupled with his early confidence to make line calls will enable Ruch to battle for a spot on the 2-deep immediately at Rutgers.

This past weekend, Ruch was one of nine high school athletes that took their official visit to RU. In what is to follow, Ruch discusses his visit in his own words and shares some of his thoughts of what transpired over the weekend.


This weekend I had the chance to meet a bunch of my future teammates, 7 of them, which will be on the team this year as freshmen.

We did a crowd breaker on Friday night before supper - that was a lot of fun. Coach Shiano gave each table an assignment where you had to stand up and state either your favorite superhero, and why, most embarrassing moment of your life or your most embarrassing sports moment.

Our table had the superheros and I chose The Flash because of how fast he is. Mike Fladdell, who was my host, chose himself because of how big he was. I enjoyed getting to know Mike. We went out both nights there to parties and to his house and I ate a Fat Bitch sandwich (my mom did not like the name too much and I told her I could of ate a Fat Mama). Friday night, actually at 3 am, and on Sat. I ate a Fat Darryl even though I wasn't really hungry at about the same time.

The whole group went to the ESPN zone on Sat. night and that was a good time. I liked the driving games that I could play with the other guys. On the way there I got to ride a train into the city and the commits and recruit played charades. That was a lot of fun but a bit embarrassing. The best part of the trip for me was probably all the food.

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