Focus '08: Booker T. Washington CB

One of the top DBs not only in South Florida, but in the entire nation is Booker T. Washington's Brandon Harris (5'11" 185-pounds). The elite recruit has already secured offers from some of the top programs in the nation. He shared with SOR some information on what makes him successful on and off the field.

SOR: You are one of the more coveted athletes in the country. What would you consider your strengths as a football player?

BH: My speed, agility and footwork. I have been blessed to have some of these talents, but have worked extremely hard in developing as a player. I have also been fortunate enough to have great people in my life help teach me the game and technique. Over the summer, guys like Andre Johnson and Chad Johnson will come by our school and help us out. But overall I am a hard worker and try to get better.

SOR: What would you consider some things you need to improve on?

BH: Before it was my strength, but I have made great strides in the weight room. I want to improve my tackling technique.

SOR: Your dad, Ice Harris, has been a long time coach in Dade and been around the game and some great players for a long time. What is the greatest benefit from being his son?

BH: He has been around here for a long time and the one thing he gives me is great advice. I know he wants what's best for me and I just listen and try to take everything in.

SOR: What are some aspects of the game that are most important to you?

BH: Just winning games. Football is a team sport and I am a team guy. However I can help impact my team win is what I focus on.

SOR: Individually how did you perform last year?

BH: On offense, at WR I had 38 catches for 705 yards and 13 TDs. On defense, I had 42 tackles, 4 sacks, 6 interceptions, and 2 interceptions returned for a TD. I also played special teams and had 3 Kick off returns for TDs.

SOR: What are some of the schools that have impressed you the most at this time and why?

BH: Miami, Rutgers, Florida, Mississippi, and Auburn. I have very good relationships with the coaching staffs at those schools. They are also all places that are not afraid to play guys early. They are schools that don't hold back. They are straight up. The best guys play, even if you are a freshman. I want to be at a school that will give me an opportunity to play early.

SOR: What schools do you have offers from at this point?

BH: Miami, Florida State, Rutgers, Tennessee, Mississippi, Maryland, Auburn, Virginia, South Florida, and Baylor are the ones that come to mind.

SOR: Will location be a factor in where you decide to go to college?

BH: Location is not an issue. Not a factor. Ill end up deciding where I feel most comfortable.

SOR: Last question, what camps and combines do you expect to go to this summer?

BH: I am going up to NJ for the Rutgers camp for sure. I will also go to Miami. Ill go to the Sunshine Preps camp, the Rising Senior camp in Miami, and to Nike next week.

Brandon carries a 3.6 GPA and has a qualifying score on the ACT.

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