Breaking Down D.C. Jefferson

The sun is not the only thing shinning bright in the state of Florida these days. So is the football future of QB D.C. Jefferson from Winter Haven (Fla.). Standing 6'6", and weighing over 240 pounds, D.C. possesses a howitzer for an arm combined with freakish athletic ability for a young man of his size.

D.C. Jefferson has run in the 4.6 range in the 40-yard dash as well as vertical jumped over 32 inches. He first got the attention of college recruiters while attending the MSL combine in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, last spring. While attending the Nike combine in Miami, he performed a feat I had never seen before. He threw the ball so hard that the diaphragm of the ball burst in the hands of a receiver upon impact!!!

As a junior, he led his Winter Haven Blue Devil team deep in to the playoffs, and as an individual threw for over 1,100 yards and 11 touchdowns.

While there are other quarterbacks with better mechanics and footwork than Jefferson, I have yet to see anyone with as big of an upside.

Jefferson throws like Byron Leftwich (whom I coached in high school), runs like Vince Young, and has the charisma of Broadway Joe Nameth. The young man, when he enters a room, is like a literal bright star and the place simply lights up. D.C. Jefferson is on his way to becoming the full package.

D.C. is currently holding written offers from Tennessee, Washington, and Ole Miss.

When asked what other schools he would be interested in attending, D.C. replied, "I am very impressed with what coach Schiano has done at Rutgers, and with the large number of players he has from the sunshine state. I plan on camping at Rutgers this summer and making an impression. What I want most is to grow as quarterback and continue to develop as a man. I would like a coach who will mentor me to success."

Steve Cisneros was a 2-year football letterwinner at Wichita State University, and the HD Woodson HS QBs and WRs (Washington DC) from 1990-96. During his tenure Steve coached several NFL notables including Byron Leftwich (Jacksonville Jaguars) and Marcus Spriggs (Washington Redskins), and today helps develop QBs ranging from Elementary to the High School ranks.

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