Fabian Ruiz on signing with Rutgers

Miami Sunset Senior High TE Fabian Ruiz faxed his Letter of Intent this morning. The promising prospect is one with not only great talent, but also an incredible attitude. He shared with us some of the details of signing day and thoughts on the Rutgers program.

"It was a very exiting day for me today as I was finally able to officially join the Rutgers Football family, even though I felt like I have been a part of it for a very long time. I am very excited to sign to a school with already some great players. I am also thrilled to be a part of a great recruiting class that consists of very gifted athletes and exceptional young men. That is why I went into today with a mind set of staying calm, cool, and collected," stated Ruiz during an interview conducted on national signing day (NSD).

Like many of the top HS athletes around the nation, local school administrations attempt to reward their stars by giving them a moment in the spotlight, honoring them for their tremendous commitment as both students and athletes during their high school careers.

For Fabian Ruiz the story was scripted in a similar fashion during NSD.

"The day involved me signing in front of media, family and friends. I also had interviews to 3 local news stations, including a Spanish network that gave me a chance to expand my range, as well as my audience and following," continued Ruiz.

"Overall it was a very fun day. But now that its over, I'm looking foward to the next step in the process. I look forward to preparing in the spring and will be ready for what is expected of us once we reach campus this summer. All I have to do is Keep Chopping."

Fabian Ruiz intends on running track and lifting weights this spring in preparation for his eventual arrival to Rutgers this upcoming summer.

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