Fan Feedback

  Fan Feedback

There was a ton of fan feedback after the game. I could not respond to all the people who wrote. Here is a sampling:


"We still suck!!!!! It will never happen!"



After over 30 years of desperately rooting for this team, I have
hit bottom. This is even worse than the UCONN disaster last year. The
sad truth is that I no longer believe Schiano is the man we all hoped
would lead us out of the swamp. He shows absolutely no ability to make
an offensive plan that will keep the other team guessing, that was
obviously Villanova's last night. Our defense continues to miss tackles
and over-react to the first thing they see thus setting up the types of
long pass plays the Wildcats scored on. The only bright spot last night
was our ability to make turnovers into points.
Ryan Cubit is simply not a Div. 1 QB. He showed nothing different
last night than he did all of last year. So, I can only conclude that
his coach/father has nothing more to offer in his aid. The best thing
Cubit Sr. could do at this point is gracefully remove him from the
starting job and give Trump or somebody else the opportunity to see what
they can do, but I doubt this will happen until either he or Schiano is
replaced. I'm afraid in his hurry to get rid of everything Shea
(Schwenk, etc.), Schiano has locked himself into the proverbial corner
and either cannot see daylight or is too stubborn to admit he has made a
terrible mistake in hiring Cubit Sr. and anointing his son as the new
How can anyone really believe in the hype anymore? This team
isn't any stronger or faster! We were the team with the injuries and
cramps, not "poor" undersized, undermanned, under funded Villanova. We
were the team that showed the lack of leadership and heart, not the
"underdog" Div. 1AA team that had NEVER beaten a Div. 1 team before.
In truth, we are not, nor have we been, a Div.1 team in anything but
official designation anyway. That big EXIT sign from the BE is getting
closer and closer and the league will finally grow so tired of RU's
ineptitude that they will just bite the bullet and pull the plug just as
they have on Temple who will most like take us apart again in November.
As you may have guessed by this point, I've had enough. Since I
will now have to bear the inevitable jeers from my friends and relatives
about "same old Rutgers" at least I can finally say that I no longer
consider myself a fan so they can leave me alone. It is just too much
to try and make excuses and talk about the future when it is just so
much bullsh*t! Unlike our fearless and clueless leader Schiano, I am
truly embarrassed by this loss and team. At least one of us has finally
faced the facts but, in fairness, I have been around a lot longer than
he has."


"We have been fed a sales pitch and fell hook line and sinker. We were told this
is a work in progress. We were told this would take time. We thought we would
see small steps of improvement. WHAT A PACK OF LIES. This team starts out where
it left off, but even worse.
I watched UCONN play BC. A team that is in its third year in 1A.It was well
coached, well disciplined, and without the so-called "top 25 recruiting
class". Schiano has been out-coached in just about every game so far. Even last
years win over Buffalo, if they had a little more time might have won. The UCONN
game was an sad example of poor coaching. There wasn't one facet of the game
that showed improvement over last year.
Maybe the offensive coordinator needs to be changed, and give Hart or Cali a
shot at QB. It can be any worse.
Mulcahy wants us to have 100 points to retain our seats. Is he kidding. Seats
at RU games will go begging.
It is a shame that a nice crowd was in attendance, and the atmosphere was
great, and to have such an inept performance.



I believe you summed it up very well.

One other bright spot I felt, (and as you mentioned there were very few), was the play and catches of Jerry Andre.

We still do not have an offensive line, (which obviously does not help Cubit's or the running backs cause).

What happen to the defensive line - from what I saw I believe Alfred Peterson needs to get more playing time,

Raheem Orr still loves to play "tie-up."

With the exception of his "pick off" Brian Hohmann looked terrible - I believe he needs to forget his outward enthusiasm and channel that into his play.




I have lots to say and nothing to say.

When I recover, I'll get back to you.



Michael- My last e-mail couldn't be more prophetic. After this weekend's performance on the football and soccer field I have nothing left to say that I haven't said over the last 35 years concerning RU athletics. It just turned Sept and the seasons are over. The next basketball season has been over for weeks as well. It is honestly time to withdraw from the Big East and think about playing a Div 3 schedule (notice I don't say Div 2). I don't have any more energy or heart to even bother listening or reading about RU sports aside from watching it. This has to be one of the biggest, most depressing, college athletic stories of the last three decades. I can't believe that nobody has written about it. I guess when you are such a joke nobody cares at all. We'd get more attention if a plane full of our athletes would perish in a crash. That's it for me. I don't want to hear anything anymore...the promises, the absurd analysis.. the diamonds in the rough....etc. It's finally over. I will leave with just this last post for the website if you are so inclined..., but I'm sure you won't want to pile it on, because there are those that will always have hope (those sad individuals).

Here is a quiz for loyal RU alumni:

1.(True or False) The RU football program is in better shape today than 2-3 years ago?
2. (True or False) Greg Schiano should get a contract extension?
3. (True or False) This weekend's loss to Villanova will have NO effect on this year's recruiting efforts?
4. (True or False) Injuries played a significant role in this weekend's loss to Villanova?
5. (True or False) This is the most talented and best conditioned Rutgers football team in the last 25 years?
6. (True or False) The loss to Villanova is just a "bump in the road" and the remainder of the football season is salvageable?
7. (True or False) Likely wins over Buffalo and Army will make the sour taste of the Villanova loss go away and have everyone lamenting the opening game "bad loss" and dreaming of a bowl appearance?
8. (True or False) Rutgers football program is better positioned for future success than the program at UConn?
9. (True or False) The Rutgers administration is doing everything possible within it's power to insure successful athletics at the university?
10. (True or False) When hired, Coach Schiano was a better "fit" for Rutgers than Ty Willingham was for Notre Dame?

If you can answer True to any of these questions, you either have not been paying attention to RU athletics or you are a university employee.



Sandy Cohen said most of what was on my mind. For therapy, I need to say the rest, or at least repeat the worst.
Cubit is akin to the "gang who couldn't shoot straight". He cannot pass with accuracy, consistently, under pressure, when its needed.
Question: did Schiano make some sort of pact with Cubit the elder to get him to NJ ? Both Cubits, up to this point, are not getting the job done, and offer no indicia that they can.
Where were the ##s, the depth at the various positions, to wear down the smaller, less staffed opposition.........the stuff that in past years beat us ?
Why in short and third down can't we find a "big" person to carry the ball. Not a flea or a freshman, or both ?
Why did Schiano force the run when he has so many people who can catch the ball? Even the radio folk opined that he was being unwarrantedly stubborn in his trying to prove ( to whomever) that his running game will work.
I saw no evidence of a game plan, looked more like a controlled scrimmage that went awry.
There are, were, people on the side lines that can play that were not used. I would go with 2 or more QBs, until one emerged that can throw the pass to the open man. Cubit under throws when he doesn't set his back foot( which is most of the time-----his mechanics stink) and can't seem to allow his receivers to run under the pass and catch it. Hart, Trump, and even Cali can.
The same mistakes, fundamental mistakes, were made at the beginning of last year. Can't anyone tackle ? Are the troops so unaware that they can't fill in the middle.........where the heck are the vaunted linebacking corps.?
This was not so much a team loss, as a Schiano loss. Coach Paterno reputedly had to yell to get his players to win this weekend. One of our linebackers suggested that some of the players thought they could walk on the field and win.
COACHING, or lack thereof, is what caused this debacle. Schiano, and his staff, has to share or take all of the blame for this one. Kick some ass this week, get a game plan, shakeup the line-up, show that Buffalo has been prepared for, and, for RU's sake, WIN.



Hi Mike,
Looks like another very long year. This was a very appalling loss by ALL concerned. AS many of us alumni have been telling Mulcahy for years, you will not resurrect the football program using " promising " assistant coaches imported from somewhere . You must hire a top head coach who has a record of achievement. I wonder sometimes if Mulcahy really wants a competitive program. I know WE SURE DO.




 Mike-- I listened to the Villanova game on the Rutgers radio network and the announcers seemed to make the loss not as bad as it really was due to the fact that Villanova had some starting athletes who were really Division 1A talent. After reading your and others analysis on the web site I now realize how embarrassing this loss was. Where is the effort, enthusiasm, fire and passion of our players? One fact will never change about being a Rutgers fan that just when you think it can't get any worse somehow it does!




Not much left to say after the worst loss in school history. I was disturbed by coach Schiano's post game remarks...I pray in private that he demands accountability and makes the adjustments necessary to be competitive. 2-10 at not acceptable.



Clearly, it goes without saying that Rutgers is trying very, very hard. The problem is that they are trying to reach deeper and deeper into a hole that most think is as low as you can go.

As seasons pass and weeks drag on, every time people say this program has reached new lows, the Scarlet "Tights" find a way to go even more subterranean. The Villanova--Division
I AA loss is indisputable proof that Rutgers can crawl even deeper into the quagmire that New Jersey calls big time college football.

I have been following RU college athletics for over 30 years. Like far too many alum, I have always believed that it has to get better. I have laughed at the 1000 Clowns that talk about going backwards and yearn for a schedule filled with the Lafayettes, Colgates, and, maybe even Prairie Views. Now, after witnessing kids that RU out-weighed, out-sized, out-jumped, and out-housed in every position, lose -- and lose big -- I am prepared to jump ship entirely and become Clown # 1001.

This is bad. This is beyond bad. This Ryan Cubit couldn't throw a wad of shit on the floor if he was standing in a port-o-john that had backed up and spilled over for weeks on end. He couldn't make a play if he was handed a million dollars and told to bet on black or red, after the spin just came up black 100 times in a row. And his old man wouldn't know a Division I play from an off-Broadway play, nor a Missouri show-me play or even a play involving 3 kids a chevy, a fire hydrant and an old Rawlings pigskin. This is well beyond bad. This is an EMBARRASSMENT.

Greg Schiano may be a good guy. He is a Jersey guy. And, he certainly is a helluva spin-meister-guy, when it comes to recruiting, or so it seems, so far. But one thing he is not -- and will never be, is the guy that makes Tony Soprano want to look like a horse's-ass walking out of a tunnel, again. No, this is not the guy either. And the sad thing is, there just ain't no guy. Rutgers will never compete at this level. Rutgers doesn't belong in the Big East. And, we need to start getting more small cars filled with guys in orange hair and big red lips ......... cause the Clowns won yesterday. And by the look of things to come, they be be 12 and 0 this season. Bring in the popcorn and peanuts .......the circus has finally arrived in New Brunswick.
GO RU -- just figure out where you're trying to go first.


Mike Fasano:

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