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Rutgers is picked by 9 over Buffalo


Knights in the Pros - Marco Battaglia

TAMPA -- Jon Gruden's new attack is being called the Gulf Coast offense, but to new Bucs Ken Dilger and Marco Battaglia, it's akin to tight end heaven.  After years of playing in traditional offensive schemes where the tight end is primarily a blocker or a last resort receiving option, Dilger, Battaglia and Todd Yoder find themselves in a Gruden-designed scheme that embraces the tight end with both arms.
Bucs: Throw-to guys

Mike McMahon

Mike McMahon put the fans at ease. Uncertainty about whether or not McMahon really earned the starting quarterback job this preseason was running rampant. Many fans thought that rookie Joey Harrington outplayed McMahon and had earned the starting job, but McMahon's 5-for-5 performance with a 64-yard touchdown pass to tight end Mikhael Ricks put a lot of that uncertainty to rest.
Yahoo! Sports: NCAA Football - McMahon's Play Calms Nerves


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