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 Basketball Recruiting - More on Adrian Hill

McKinley High School graduate Adrian Hill is taking his game to Rutgers University.
Hill, the Bulldogs' 13th all-time leading scorer with 926 points, accepted a full athletic scholarship this past weekend to play basketball at the Big East school that started classes Tuesday.

More on Hill, Douby

Quincy Douby, a Brooklyn native regarded as one of the country's best shooting guards, has made a nonbinding commitment to attend Rutgers University, according to Paul Sipes, athletics director at St. Thomas More, a prep school in Oakdale, Conn.
A fifth-year senior at St. Thomas More, Douby is the first commitment of Rutgers' 2003 recruiting class and a major recruiting coup for coach Gary Waters.

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Rutgers basketball coach Gary Waters filled needs for both the present and the near future in a single day yesterday by landing two promising recruits -- one of whom figures to help the Knights this coming basketball season.
Rutgers: Waters snags 2 strong basketball recruits


PISCATAWAY - Rutgers coach Greg Schiano set off a mini-maelstrom this week when he said sophomore quarterback Ryan Cubit was not entrenched as his starter. Cubit (with 12 starts under his belt) and senior Teddy Trump (no starts) took an equal number of snaps Tuesday and Wednesday, a departure from the past, when the former got more repetitions in practice.
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The Scarlet Knights (0-1) host Buffalo (0-1) this Saturday at 7 p.m., and Schiano said he's still making up his mind on whether to start backup quarterback Ted Trump over incumbent Ryan Cubit. And he's also waiting for a dominant running back to emerge from his pool of Clarence Pittman and Markis Facyson. (Marcus Jones has a mid-foot sprain and is doubtful).
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PISCATAWAY -- A day after saying only four starting jobs were secure, coach Greg Schiano made no significant changes at yesterday's practice.
However, starter Ryan Cubit and backup Ted Trump split the snaps yesterday at practice for the second straight day. By all indications, Cubit will remain the starter for Saturday's game against Buffalo. Schiano said he had no plans to work Trump into the ballgame but also did not name Cubit his starter.

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PISCATAWAY -- L.J. Smith and the rest of Rutgers' players have heard the whispers following them since their loss to Villanova -- the Scarlet Knights are not improving, the team is heading for another long season, things will never change -- and knows there is only way one to end the chatter.
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Bitter Aftermath

The Bottom 10's inspirational thought of the week. "If winning isn't everything, why do they keep score?" -- Vince Lombardi

The first full weekend of the year brought big changes to the Bottom 10. Duke's win over East Carolina ended the Blue Devils reign as the No.1 Bottom 10 team (and their 23-game losing streak), opening the trapdoor for our new No. 1 ...
With apologies to Steve Harvey, here's this week's Bottom 10:
Bottom Ten

Knights in the Pros

``Growing up near Manhattan, it hits home more,'' said Battaglia, who knew several World Trade Center victims. ``I used to look out my mother's window and see those buildings. I think the NFL did the right thing canceling games because it was a national disaster.''
Dealing With 9/11: From The Tampa Tribune


Golf Outing

Hey are you a Rutgers Basket Ball fan?  Do you like golf?  Want to shoot a round with say, Gary Waters or one of his staff?  Here's your opportunity.  The Rutgers Court Club is sponsoring a Golf Outing on Monday October 7, 2002 at the University Golf Course in Piscataway.  Tee off is scheduled for 2PM and is limited to the first 72 RU fans that sign up.  The $150 fee includes dinner.  For $500 you have a chance to be in Gary's foursome and for $300 you can play with Larry, Garland, Kevin, Vince or Stan.  So join the TEAM BEHIND THE TEAM, the Rutgers Court Club and see you on the links.

For information email sdw@lawroth.com


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News of the Weird

MADISON, Wis. -- West Virginia's Mountaineer mascot can shoot his musket at Saturday's game against Wisconsin after all.   Wisconsin athletic department officials originally denied the mascot permission to fire the weapon at Camp Randall Stadium, saying university policy prohibits weapons on campus. Wisconsin athletic director Pat Richter asked chancellor John Wiley on Wednesday to make an exception to the policy. Wiley agreed.
Mountie Musket Banned - www.ezboard.com

Fan Feedback

More on 'Nova

I think the anger that a lot of the RU fans feel is due to all the hype. From the media to the coach himself. Bigger, faster, stronger. I'm sure these words echo in all the minds of the RU fans. If the expectations were not built, the letdowns would not be so great. I believe the fans feel that they have been sold a bill of goods. After Saturday I swore off RU football. Then it occurred to me. Would I still have season tickets if Terry Shea was still here? If there were no expectations, no hype? The  answer is yes. Will RU get better? I don't know. But as a true fan, I enjoy supporting the team. After the swelling goes down and the fans release some steam, most will be back.

Where's the "D"

I could go on for a long time on certain issues surrounding the RU football program. However, for today, I want to address the fact that so many people are focusing their disappointment on the offensive side of the ball. This is not to suggest I support Ryan Cubit or his play. In truth I place more blame on his father, who calls the plays. Proper execution will make any play caller look like a genius, and thus mask questionable play calling. Now proper execution requires a collection of things, ranging from a player's ability to control his opponent, to smart play. However, because we apparently do not match up well with anyone on a man-to-man basis, the coaches must be responsible putting players in the best possible position to succeed. Cubit, Sr.'s play calling is totally devoid of that attribute. He never seems to put the team in a position to get into a rhythm or tempo. As a matter of fact, often times his play calling ruins any semblance of tempo RU seems to be gaining. With weaker players, setting up the other team is more important than ever, because RU cannot match up physically or psychologically. Syracuse does a great job of this. Even when they field a weaker team, they find ways of being competitive and that is a credit to their coaching staff. Having strayed from what I wanted to address in this note, I will back track.

Have people lost site of the fact that RU gave up almost 500 yards of offense to Villanova? I do not care who the quarterback is, what plays are being called, any of that. Where is the defense? I would rather win a game 3-0, than win one 49-48. Defense will always keep a team in the game. Even with a weak offense, defense can create offensive opportunities. Even RU has demonstrated an ability to score after a turnover. Defense can also control field position. How many times can Barr set a team up deep in its own side zone, only to have the defense give away the field position? Why are opposing receivers always so wide open? Why are so many tackles missed? Because of Michael Vick, people forget Virginia Tech built its program on its defense. For most viewers, winning because of defense is not seen as "pretty". Who cares!!! A win, is a win, is a win. This is where my main concern is. RU has got to stop people from not only scoring, but prevent the opposition from moving the ball. While I will take a "bend, but don't break" defense at this point, RU needs to ultimately eliminate the "bend" part too. Interestingly, executing on defense should be much easier than executing on offense. While offense often requires much precision, discipline and courage can carry a defense. I blame the coaches on the discipline part of the equation, I blame both the players and coaches on the courage part. The coaches talk about these things, but it is never demonstrated when it counts. Run to the ball, swarm like crazy, and hit the hell out of people. This just takes aggressiveness, passion, and hustle. Even an average athlete can overcome much with those things. Why are RUs first class athletes unable to exhibit this? I do not know where the problem lies, but the hell with the offense, build a defense. Once that happens the offense will follow.

More on  the positive side

You know I'm always positive. I have to admit, I had a hangover Sunday morning and it wasn't from the pregame tailgate. So I can understand how the negative types will lash out first.

Now it's time for the positive thinkers to come forth. I supported Shea and Graber before him. Now I am 100% for Schiano. While Shea did a good job beating the teams we could, he could not and did not recruit very well. So while I would love to have Terry back as our OC (not offense to Cubit Sr), I would not trade in the job Greg is doing on the recruiting front.

Fans at games and on these boards have to realize that they can only hurt the program by lashing out. They will never help it.

Keep up the great work.


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