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I had a chance to speak with Dave Hoover the coach of McKinley High School, Canton, Ohio, and the coach of this year's newest Rutgers forward recruit, Adrian Hill.   Coach Hoover has been the headman at McKinley for eight years and has been coaching basketball for over twenty years.


Coach Hoover said,  "Adrian is a great kid and a class act. I see him flourishing in the Rutgers program under Gary Waters and doing some good things there. He comes from a good family at home and a good family at McKinley."


Coach said that McKinley has a lot of basketball tradition and it is the basketball program in Ohio with the most wins. McKinley has been a sports powerhouse in Ohio.  Their basketball team made it to the Ohio championships several times in the early 1990's.  NBA players Eric Snow, Gary Grant, Phil Hubbert and Nick Weatherspoon all played for McKinley.


Adrian ended up the thirteenth all-time scorer in McKinley history.  He had almost 500 rebounds, exactly 491, and 225 blocked shots.  Coach  Hoover said that they never really kept statistics on blocked shot but if they did he thinks that Adrian would be the leader. Adrian was the best shot blocker he ever coached.  Coach Hoover indicated that Adrian picked up many of his blocks when he assisted a teammate that had been beaten defensively. He was also a man on the boards. He averaged over eight rebounds a game during his senior campaign. The rebounds were almost divided equally between the offensive and defensive boards. He was known for his ability to sweep the glass.  That seemed ironic to me since both of his parents work for the Hoover Company, which is known for its sweepers.


Adrian averaged 17.2 points per game during his final year and shot about fifty percent from the field. He has range up to 17 feet on the outside with consistency. He was also fairly consistent from the line and shot a little above 60 percent.


Mr. Waffler, the Athletic Director, said, "Adrian is one of those kids that just blossomed.  Coach Waters has a nice kid that he can help mold into a pretty good basketball player".





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Sunday September 8, 2002

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