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 Football - Sagarin has Knights in free fall

Jeff Sagarin

But at least we didn't make this list - Page2 - Worst college football teams of all time


Vegas Line

Army by 4.5


Big East Football

Two weeks of football and Big East teams have already gone against those from the SEC, ACC, Big XII, Pac-10, Big Ten, Mountain West and Sun Belt conferences as well as the Independents. The result, just three unbeaten remain: Miami, Boston College and Virginia Tech.  The Miami Hurricanes have done it the easy way. Well, it's been easy for them. After disposing of Florida A&M 63-17, they beat Florida 41-16 in Gainesville.
Lucey-Big East Best Survive


Florida might want to wait another 15 years before hooking up with Miami again. Actually, the rest of the Hurricanes' opponents might feel the same way after watching the best team in college football demonstrate why it could be better than a few NFL clubs.
Miami No. 1, without question

Golf Outing

Hey are you a Rutgers Basket Ball fan?  Do you like golf?  Want to shoot a round with say, Gary Waters or one of his staff?  Here's your opportunity.  The Rutgers Court Club is sponsoring a Golf Outing on Monday October 7, 2002 at the University Golf Course in Piscataway.  Tee off is scheduled for 2PM and is limited to the first 72 RU fans that sign up.  The $150 fee includes dinner.  For $500 you have a chance to be in Gary's foursome and for $300 you can play with Larry, Garland, Kevin, Vince or Stan.  So join the TEAM BEHIND THE TEAM, the Rutgers Court Club and see you on the links.

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Fan Feedback


I have been a Rutgers fan since I started watching football in the late
70's. Now I am a grad-student at RU. I read the articles that are posted
on your web-site, great job. But what has been bothering me since the first
loss to Villanova is this: the hype that surrounded the football program as
to how many wins and what to expect for certain players was unattainable
from the get go. That combined with two losses (to teams that we should
have beaten), have lead to criticisms that are also unwarranted. What the
true RU supporter knows and understands is that Coach Schiano inherited a
horrible team that lacked any talent. Two above average recruiting classes
is not going to change everything. Most of the new recruits aren't ready
for D1 thier freshman year, especially the offensive and defensive lineman.
Coach Schiano is still working with Shea's players. It isn't until the
third year that a program will begin to see the fruits of its labor. Then
Schiano will finally have "his" players and "his" system up and running.
Unfortunately, this year will be worse than last year and as an RU
supporter, I was prepared for this. Not until next year, when Coach finally
has his first recruiting class in their third year in the program will we
see the real results. Until then we just have to keep supporting the team
and stop criticizing them.


There is no point in dropping the program back to Div !AA because we have already shown that we can't win at that level either.

Anyone want a friendly wager that Terry Shea will no longer be in the RU record book for having surrendered the most points in a season?

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