April 5th Rutgers Football Photo Album #1

With collegiate football spring practice underway across the country, with the clock having taken its timely step forward one hour, the spring warmth was sure to follow. Perhaps, but not on this day, as the wintry weather that swept through Rutgers Stadium exemplified the grit and toughness that this Rutgers Football program has taken on.

RU players stretching before going full steam.

Rutgers Defensive Backs Coach/Assistant Head Coach Chris Demarest pumping up the troops.

Mike Teel attempting a downfield pass.

Marcus Daniels, back for his final year, looks the ball in.

Kyle Cinzio during punting practice.

Former RU LB Will Gilkison.

Tiquan Underwood makes the turn downfield.

Rutgers Football Head Coach Greg Schiano looks on.


Ron Girault is all business.

Courtney Greene grabs the INT during drills.

Newly converted TE So. Shamar Graves.

Mike Teel lets it fly during 7-on-7 competition.


Jabulani Lovelace sees his target downfield.

Tim "The Ghost" Brown literally picked this pass off the turf.

Tiquan Underwood awaiting his catch.

Kenny Britt jogs back to the LOS after a reception.


RU WR Dennis Campbell is brought down.

It looks as if Tim "The Ghost" Brown is about to get wrapped up - right? Like a true ghost, he slipped right through.

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