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For a second straight week, Rutgers coach Greg Schiano hinted at potential personnel changes, but again didn't delve into specifics.
"It's too early to tell," he said yesterday, stressing that there were still three days until the Knights face Army on Saturday. "We're going to tinker with some things during the week. You can't just allow things to go as is personnel-wise because there are people behind them that believe they can do better and deserve a chance to show that."
Rutgers hush-hush about personnel changes

It may only be his second year as head coach, but Greg Schiano's ghosts are already coming back to haunt him.
Last year, his Scarlet Knights defeated Buffalo, 31-15. But this year, with a Rutgers program that was supposed to be bigger and better, they lost 34-11.
Two years ago, the Knights defeated the Bulls, 59-0.
Ignoring the boos, Schiano claims confidence not an issue

Brandon Haw laughed.
After consecutive defeats to a Division I-AA team and the lowest ranked team in Division I-A, Haw faced the proposition of how in its current state Rutgers could come within 100 points of Miami.
He threw back his head, closed his eyes and let out a hearty roar.
"You," the Rutgers' senior cornerback said, "have no faith."
Rutgers players keep the faith

With all the question marks that Rutgers 0-2 start to the season has raised, none concerns RU head coach Greg Schiano more than those about his team's two poor defense outings.
"We will play good defense this year. I guarantee that. We haven't and I've been very, very disappointed and there's a lot of reasons why we haven't," Schiano said.
While some of Rutgers disappointing can be attributed to youth and rookie mistakes, the Rutgers defense does not have that luxury to blame for their performance.
Defense not up to par

The message was the same from almost every Rutgers player yesterday as the Knights prepared for what may be their best -- and final -- chance to win a game this season when Army visits for homecoming at Rutgers Stadium on Saturday.
One thing they felt they needed to do was block out the mounting negative criticism surrounding the program.
Reeling squad closes ranks, stays positive

Unlike the players and coaches at Rutgers who have yet to display any visible outrage over a distressing 0-2 start, Army head coach Todd Berry didn't make any attempt to mask his emotions following his team's 30-21, opening-game loss to 1-AA Holy Cross on Saturday.
Immediately after the game, the Cadets' third-year head coach called the defeat "the worst in 20 years. No question. I've been around a lot of football. This one is the worst."
Army coach views Holy Cross loss as 'worst'

Rutgers football coach Greg Schiano is busy working on "the why's." And the biggest question for him is this: Why is the team he thought was improved from last year actually playing worse?
His season-opener against Division I-AA Villanova was a shocking 37-19 loss followed by a 34-11 defeat to Buffalo last week that was somehow even more disturbing.
"The hardest thing for a coach is to sit down and say, 'Why didn't this play work?' " said Schiano, who has been dissecting every snap on film and recording whether the breakdowns were due to mental, individual or schematic errors.
Rutgers' Schiano breaks down losses

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Around the Big East


Byron Leftwich's Heisman Trophy hopes could rest with his offensive line Thursday night.
When No. 16 Marshall plays at No. 11 Virginia Tech, Leftwich will depend on his line - regarded as the best in school history - to hold back one of college football's best defenses.
Virginia Tech ranks No. 8 nationally in scoring defense and limited its first two opponents to an average of 220 yards of offense
Va. Tech sets sights on QB

A jersey number randomly assigned to a Pittsburgh walk-on center may have cost the Panthers a possible upset victory over No. 21 Texas A&M.
After talking with Big East Conference administrators, coach Walt Harris said long snapper Jonathan Sitter's No. 91 resulted in the Panthers twice being flagged for illegal shift penalties on extra-point attempts in the 14-12 loss Saturday.
Following Rod Rutherford's short touchdown run early in the fourth quarter, kicker J.B. Gibboney twice converted the extra point, only to have both kicks waved off by the penalties.
Wrong number

Second-year Miami head coach Larry Coker is finally inserting a little swagger into his words.
“I think we made a huge statement,’’ said Coker after his team demolished Florida 41-16. “Before the game, we’re what, a three-point underdog? We’re overrated? Then I’m driving in on Sunday morning [listening to the radio] and we’re [considered] at another level, above anything that’s ever played. So it made a huge statement.
“Now, somewhere in between, maybe there’s reality. We have a chance to be a good team. We’re not there yet. We’re not Division I-A-plus, or whatever. But I think it did make a statement.’’
'It did make a statement'

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