Question & Answer Session: Jeremy Zuttah

As Spring Football approaches the Spring Game, SOR will provide you with interviews with some of the Rutgers players. Today, Rutgers All-Big East Offensive Tackle, Jeremy Zuttah discusses spring practice, the progress of various positions, and some new incoming players. Enjoy.

Question & Answer Session: Jeremy Zuttah

SOR: What are your thoughts on incoming freshman Anthony Davis?
Zuttah: He is very highly regarded, I've seen him play before and he's a good player, but, just like anybody else he is going to have to come out here and work hard and earn a starting job.

SOR: John McNulty has now taken the role of offensive coordinator. How has it effected the offense?
Zuttah: It seems the same to us, with the focus on the run game. Basically it's the same system.

SOR: How does it feel blocking for Ray Rice?
Zuttah: It's fun. You see, you give him a little crack and he's going to finish the runs. Sometimes I catch myself sitting back there watching him run a little bit. (laughs) But I still do my job.

SOR: How does the competition for the two open offensive line spots shaping up?
Zuttah: The competition looks good, they're going to need a little more time, but they're getting there.

SOR: One of the offensive line vacancies is at right guard where Anthony Davis could compete immediately. You were able to make the adjustment from high school to college quickly. What advice would you have for Anthony Davis?
Zuttah: He's just going to have to come out here and work hard. I mean, he has all the potential, hopefully he will come out here and work hard, and we'll see what happens.

SOR: What are the goals of the offensive line for the 2007 season?
Zuttah: We gave up eight sacks last season. So, we're going to try to not give up any sacks (this year)! Hopefully, we can hold down the "#1 sacks in the nation" title again. Hopefully with the running game, we're going to try to get Ray to 2 G's this year (2000 yards).

SOR: What are your thoughts on the defensive line so far this Spring?
Zuttah: Right now, we have two very talented ends, in Jamal Westerman and George Johnson, they'll be back though. We have some young guys trying to fill in the holes and they're stepping up. Everyday they're getting better, so it's good to see.

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