Shagari Alleyne

Shagari Alleyne, 7-2, 255, C, Rice HS, NY   

Stats last year

"I had about 13 to14 ppg during the regular season, and about 20 to 25 points per game during the playoffs. As to rebounds I had about 10 rpg in regular season and about 13 to 15 rpg during the playoffs."


"I have a lot of offers. I probably have about 30 in all. Including ones from the ACC, the Big East and the SEC."

On his unofficial trip to Rutgers

"it is not a bad school. It was an experience."

On Gary Waters

"He's a pretty good coach"

On his favorites and what he'll be looking for in a school

"I took one official visit to Louisville but I am not sure as to the rest. I believe that I can play in any conference as long as I have a good coach. I am looking for a school  that has a good community that will support you when you do well and will support you when you do poorly. I want to go to a school that knows how to win and to have a coach who knows how to coach big men. A coach who can get to the tournament. I am looking for a coach who can tell it like it is and also support me when I should be supported. Right now I have no favorites."


Allenye is a big, big guy with a deep, deep voice. He wears a size 21 shoe and has huge hands and a giant wingspan to match his huge shoe size. The combination make him a great shot blocker. On offense can dunk a basketball without leaping. When I asked him about his greatest skill he noted, "My greatest skill right now is my ability to dominate games on both sides of the floor and to run the floor and to pass and get other players involved. In terms of development I just need to get stronger."


Mike Fasano:

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