Photos for the April 14th RU practice

A view into the Rutgers football practice of April 14th

Photos from the Rutgers football practice of April 14th

Tiquan Underwood catches the ball with Ron Girault defending.

Tim Brown speeds down the field during passing drills

Tim Brown makes a catch and turns up field

Tiquan Underwood make a catch towards the sidelines.

Kenny Britt evaluates for a catch.

Tim Brown and Mike Teel playing catch.

Big TE Jeff Minemyer works on his pass catching

Kevin Brock runs off the field with the starting unit.

Kevin Brock making a sideline catch.

Marcus Daniels gets low for a catch.

Marcus Daniels goes high for a reception.

Indiana transfer Chris Rudanovic running routines under the watchful eye of TE Coach Susan.

Ryan Glueckert gets off the ground for a catch.

Tim Brown making a catch close to the sidelines.

Mike Teel loading up to go deep.

Ray Rice walks into the huddle

The Rutgers offensive huddle.

Ray Rice makes a cut to avoid LB Brandon Renkart.

Ray Rice makes a cut up field during a scrimmage session.

Kevin Malast walk to the defensive huddle.

Damoso Munoz blitz into the heart of the offensive line.

LT Pedro Sosa blocking a defender.


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