Q &A Session: Jack Corcoran

The departure of Brian Leonard has left Jack Corcoran and Jean Beljour battling for the starting FB position. SOR had a chance to discuss filling Brian Leonard's shoes with Jack Corcoran.

Q &A Session: Jack Corcoran

SOR: How have your workouts and training sessions been going? Anything unusual?
Corcoran: The off-season went well. We worked really hard. It's really structured. Everything is just very organized. We have four weeks of this and four weeks of that and its just a whole process just getting you ready for the season. Spring ball is just another step.

SOR: In regards to working out, what is a typical week like for you?
Corcoran: In the weight room, it's two three days a week right now, but normally its four days a week. A lot of long meetings going over the tape now so we get the fundamentals. A lot of time right now is in the meeting rooms, almost as much as on the field.

SOR: John McNulty has now taken the role of offensive coordinator. How has it affected the offense?
Corcoran: Honestly, there aren't going to be many changes. They all work together really well as a staff. They all contribute and stuff so I think that there will be a similar outcome.

SOR: You are set to fill four-year starter Brian Leonard's spot,, how do you feel about it and stepping into his shoes?
Corcoran: Well actually, I am honored to hear that comparison. I get asked this every day and I am honored because he was obviously a great player and hopefully I can get it done like he did. I have watched a lot of his old tapes to try to pick up little tips and techniques that he used to do.

SOR: During the 2006 season, you had 4 attempts for 30 yards. Are you expecting to be more of a 3rd down back or a blocking back like Brian Leonard in 06'?
Corcoran: We will see since it has yet to be determined. The spring is more for yourself as the coaches say. You try to improve yourself to improve the team. Once you get into summer camp and everything, that's when stuff gets finalized, and through the season you see who steps it up and who can fill what shoes.


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