In his own words: Eric Grand

As one of the features on SOR, top prospects and commitments will describe their recruitment or commitment in their own words. In this edition, Eric LeGrand discusses his commitment to the Scarlet Knights.

For the upcoming season, I have been lifting and running on my own to get ready. Besides school and working out, I am preparing for my SATs.. Believe it or not, my recruitment is very exciting right now since I have verballed to Rutgers and now I can just focus on my academics and get my GPA as high as possible. Now that my decision is behind me, my next challenge is the SAT.

My goals for the season are to win a state championship, become first team all-state, play in the all-American game, and help my team out in everyway possible.

The most interesting letter I received had to be the scholarship letter from Rutgers. It told me how much they care about me, how they really want me, that it would be great to have me on the team, and part of the family. The biggest part was when they mentioned how they would take care of me. All the written letters from them are my favorites.

It is obvious with my commitment that the Rutgers coaching staff has definitely had the biggest impact on me. I have developed a good relationship with them which has ended in my commitment. Before committing to Rutgers, I had visited Notre Dame, Maryland, and Virginia for their junior days. During these visits, I saw a lot of good things about them and a lot of opportunities, but the best one was Rutgers for me and my family. I could see myself playing at Rutgers for the next four years. It would be a hard decision of what school to pick if I did not play football because they all had great educational systems.

To make a final decision, my mom and my coach helped me. Those are the two most influential people in my life right now. The timing was perfect though when I made the decision and I have no regrets about it.

The three major reasons for my decision were distance- you may be close but your still away from home but it is better being close. Academics- I have to start school on June 28th 2008 for summer school that gives me a four day summer but it helps me learn the way to live the college life. Team - no one hates anybody on the team or ever gets left out of activities or anything. Also, Coach Susan told me my sophomore year that I could start as a freshman. I know if I want that to come true, I have a lot of work to do to achieve that goal. I also have the goal of being a freshman all-American academically and on the football field. So I would love to play as a freshman. I do not like sitting on the bench and not being apart of what is going on in the game by watching. The main reason why I do not like sitting on the bench is because I think I can make a difference in the game for my team. So I do not want to redshirt but if I have to then I will.

It is great that my family will be able to see me play at every game. My sister told my mom that they will be caravanning it up and down the Big East.

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