Q&A: Kenny Britt

One of the weapons on the Rutgers offense discusses the Spring and his feeling on the oncoming season.

Q: Although you got a late start on the 2006 season, you were able to be highly productive. During the Spring Game, you recieve the Mills Second Effort Award for the most improved player in spring practice. What has been the key to your success?

The key to my success has been simply getting on the field, playing my hardest, and practicing my hardest. I also approach everything as the first step of my life.

Q: A year ago, you were a high school senior preparing for college. Now you are a rising sophomore and a starting WR on a likely top 20 program. How does it feel?

It feels wonderful. Its weird playing for an all-eligible team that came out of a big win for the first time.

Q: What is the big difference between the 2006 version of Mike Teel and the 2007 version ?

Mike Teel now is not really different; its just he is more comfortable in the pocket and everything. He got more comfortable with his receivers. When I arrived in the summer, he wasn’t too comfortable with his receivers as he is now. He knows now how we move and everything.

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